Judy's at Old Spitalfields: May the Fourth Spectacular

When I heard that this month's theme for Judy's at Old Spitalfields was sci-fi, due to the fact it was being held on Star Wars Day (you know, May the fourth), I was pretty excited! I even bought a brand new skirt for the occasion. 

It was a great fair! I've been to a few of them now, but I think this was one of the best. So many lovely things, very stylish people (keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for a street style post) and a nice warm day. Perfection! 

You can't get much more space-age than this, can you? I desperately wanted one of these lights but, unfortunately, I don't think the tube would have been able to cope. Shame. 

Whilst chatting to the very lovely stall holder, she convinced me to snap a candid shot of her partner-in-crime. I promised I would post it, so here you go! 

One more light photo just because they are so beautiful. Is it normal to find vintage lighting beautiful? 

A lovely vintage radio from Mabel on the Table. I have no idea why I didn't buy it. I think I was preoccupied with taking the photo. Sigh. 

More vintage goodies from Mabel on the Table. We all need a vintage bell, right? Right? 

I wish I'd tested him to see if he really did talk! Walking Talking Toby Robo from Old Pony Vintage.

I always love the travel paraphernalia at Before Brasilia. It makes me wish I was a 1960s air stewardess a la Catch Me If You Can. The men who run the stall are so lovely. They remembered me from February too. It's always great when stallholders remember their previous customers. 

I wonder how many of these travel tips are still relevant today? It would be interesting to compare. 

If only I could have got this rocking horse on the train. I would have snapped it up in the blink of an eye. I really hope it goes to a good home! 

Finally, no trip to Judy's at Spitalfields would be complete without a stop off at Betty Lou's Bakery

I'm not even kidding when I say they are the most delicious cupcakes I have ever tasted. Yum yum yum! 

There's a lot more happening for spring! See you there? 


  1. those travel tip books are so neat! looks like such a great time =]

  2. oooooh thanks for sharing x

  3. I love the little vintage radio!

  4. All hail vintage! I love them so much, I want to decorate my house with quirky and retro stuff, especially that radio :3

  5. Looks super cool.

    Love the vintage radio.

  6. We saw those travel books when we were there last / my friend is a travel guide in Italy and laughed at all the do's and don'ts!

  7. great photos <3 the cupcakes look so yummy !
    check out my latest post to :

  8. Great write up as always Becky and fab pictures thanks for coming!
    Scarlett xx

  9. Great write up as always Becky and fab pictures, thanks for coming!!

  10. Looks like you had a great day! I love Spitalfields, it's such a lovely place. Great rocking horse too!



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