365 57-63

057 Hitting up Mornington Crescent to see Taking Back Sunday
058 This might be my favourite photo of me ever! 
059 Murakami makes my heart happy!

060 This is going to be a "Look at all the rubbish I ate this week" week!

061 Primark haul being filmed for a new video soon!

062 Rich was given some chocolates as a thank you at work. Yum yum!

063 Pancake day! Turns out I'm amazing at making them!


  1. I'd recommend the Raisin and Hazelnut chocolates. We have the same box sitting on our kitchen counter! Looking forward to the new vid, I'm going to Primark tomorrow...just mentally preparing my purse Xx

  2. That is a magnificent photo of you!! So jealous of your teddies
    Jess x

  3. Lovely collection of pictures for the 365! Kudos for doing it. I wimped out right at the start haha.

    1. I've tried doing it before but only got to day 5 or something haha!


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