Sponsor Shoutout: Amber Love

This month, my sponsor is Amber from Amber Love: A fan of leopard print, Shakeaway and Harry Potter. Sound like someone you know? I've talked to her on Twitter a few times, especially in the Twitter chats, so you've probably already come across her too. I'm very lucky to have her sponsoring me this month and I hope you'll go and check her out!

There are three very good reasons why you should head over and follow Amber.

1. She posts cute outfits with a grungy edge.
Like this fluffy marshmallow outfit teamed with skinny leggings and skate shoes. I'm a little obsessed with everything about this- I love the pale pink and white room, and I'm in love with that jumper! 

2. She posts lovely photos from her adventures out and about.
This trip to Hever Castle looks like the perfect day! Her landscape photos on sunny days are making me ache for summer! 

3. She has a Marauders' Map tattoo and that is an instant follow for anyone!
Harry Potter tattoos are always a win in my books!

You can also go and follow Amber on Twitter, where she is an active participant in the Twitter chats. I recommend her Instagram too- It's filled with great snapshots of her life, including Batman leggings and Shakeaway milkshakes. 

I'd love to know if you follow her. Tell me your favourite thing about her! 


  1. That is such an awesome tattoo! Will definitely be checking her blog out. xxx

  2. Yay I love Amber Love :) xx

  3. That tattoo is adorable! Will be reading her blog :)


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