Wedding Magazines from 2000

When I was rooting through the box of things that my mum brought round, I discovered three of my mum's wedding magazines from 2000/2001. The styling in them is absolutely amazing. Did we really lack style that much? It was only 14 years ago! 

Wedding and Home April/ May 2000
 The first boring, lank hairstyle of many! 
 That poor, poor bridesmaid! What is going on with that haircut?
 Apparently, the average wedding today costs over £20,000. That's inflation for you! 
The adverts are the best things ever. Here we have a bride working Miley Cyrus tongue chic!
What is going on here? Why is he topless? What are they looking at? What is his hair all about?
 Wow. The flowers. The gloves. The fringe. 
Apparently feathers were a big thing for weddings in the early 2000s. Feathers here. Feathers there. Feathers everywhere! 
 Who doesn't want crispy wetlook hair on their wedding day?
Brown lipstick, centre parting and two strands of hair hanging down? Could this be any more 2000?
I just don't know what to say.

You & Your Wedding April/ May 2000
The ultra-straight hairstyle on this cover is very misleading. This magazine is a cave of wonders for hairstyles! 
What would it look like if we put a tiara on a pineapple? Don't forget the brown shimmer lipstick! 
My bridesmaids are definitely going to look like this on my wedding day! The sultry one is Leona
This reminds you of Dracula, right? Just what everyone wants from their wedding day!
The latest in Little Bo Peep chic.
Not gonna lie, I kind of love this hair! (Dodgy ombre aside!)
Here's the hairstyle for you if you want to look like you fell into Claire's Accessories on your way to the ceremony. 
Yes, the hair is awful, but can we talk about that make up? Why does the eyeshadow extend over the eyebrow? Why is the inner lid lined all the way around? (And is it just me or is her ear a really odd shape?)
Wow, that's quite some crimping you've got going on there!
Feathers on your dress too cliché? Why not try a feather crown?
What is this?
Well, this girl looks full of bridal joy!

Wedding and Home December/January 2001
 New year, new trends! Surely we won't find any feathers in here? 
Make your bridesmaid hate you even more than she already does by putting her in pale blue satin.
 Who doesn't want to get married in a crown with a furry neckline?

Ok, so feathers are everywhere now: On dresses, on headpieces. Stand out from the crowd with feathery teacups! 
 Just why?


  1. I loved this post and the Mizz one you did yesterday - very amusing! x

  2. I think there are actual tears. That was... a frightening look at what we all used to look like during our childhood/teenage years.

    I wonder if we'll look back on now in 2028 and feel the same way...!

  3. Hahahahahahahaaaaaa this is absolutely brilliant! Its worrying that in about 10 years time we'll probably look back at magazines from today and still think "WHAT WERE WE ALL THINKING?!"
    Kaz at Sunshine Days x

    1. I know! It seems like we're so timeless right now but you just know we'll look back on ourselves with horror!

  4. I genuinely love that crimped hair style...

    Brilliant post!

  5. This looks so 90s, it's unreal

  6. Hahahah oh my days! What is this?! I can't tell what I love more, the horrendous styling or terrible Photoshop!

    But actually, I was a bridesmaid when I was fifteen and I LOVED my pale blue satin dress ;) xxx

  7. Loved This! your comments that followed each photo left me giggling away.
    Great post!

  8. Loving all the spiky/crimped up dos. Very Steps.

    Liz xx

  9. This is bizarre! I can't believe it was only 14 years ago
    Megan x | MeganRoisinn

  10. Is it a bit wrong that I quite liked the red dress on the middle bridesmaid and the feathery teacups?

    *shuffles off blog in shame*

  11. Wow, basically all of those dresses are terrible. They are just gross! The hair is a little... um... weird too! x

    1. Damn, better change your bridesmaid dress then...


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