Mother's Day wishlist

Mother's Day is next weekend and, as I do every year, I've left everything to the last minute. I still have absolutely no idea what to buy my mum so I decided to have a look on Etsy. Of course, there's always going to be something lovely on there.

Awkward Phases card
I love this card because I had an insane number of awkward phases growing up! 

Mummy Bird necklace
This is not only absolutely adorable, but totally customisable. You can have anywhere between 1 and 8 baby birds, there's options for them to have initials engraved into them and you can also buy necklaces with one Mummy bird for single mothers. 

Initial necklace
I just love the simplicity of this necklace. It's so cute and could be worn with anything. 

Mum papercut
Papercuts are so pretty and this one is beautiful. I love the birds and the nest, and the quote is really sweet.

Map of the World print
Another personalisable piece, you can add a message to the bottom right of this antique-inspired map of the world. This would be so perfect for a mum who lives far away.

I still need to find the perfect present for my mum but at least I have some ideas now! What are you giving to yours?

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  1. if you don't find a good gift on etsy then well you're just going to have to give up. This year i bought my mum (along with my sister) stackable mugs from Next. There are so many different sets with a mix of colours and patterns. I think she really likes them!

    1. I STILL haven't bought my mum anything and it's 10:26pm on Mother's Day. Whoops! Those mugs sound lovely!

  2. Mother's day is always a hit and miss with me. One year I'll find loads of awesome ideas for gifts and then the next I'll draw up blanks and won't find anything! Those papercuts are awesome though!x

    1. That's the same with me. My mum is really hard to buy for too.


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