Lush Bubble Bars Review (and Ultrabland)

Last month, I found myself stranded in Reading due to flooding. What else could I do but pop into Lush? 

Rose Jam Bubbleroon

Right, let's get this out of the way. The name really, really annoys me. It's supposed to look like a macaron, so it should be called a bubbleron. Not bubbleroon as in macaroon. Macaroons are not the pretty pastel confections! Ok, rant over. Also, I know exactly what you're all thinking. Yes, it looks horrifically yonic to me too! That aside, I love this bubble bar! I'm not usually a fan of rose scents but I figured I'd try something new and give it a go. It's lovely! You just twist it in half (it twists apart really easy) and pop half in. I found that it creates the perfect amount of bubbles, and it has a lovely sweet rose scent. It's not as floral as a true rose- It definitely has something a little sweeter in it, which may be the lemon. Although it claims that shea butter and coconut oil makes your skin soft and smooth, I didn't notice a huge difference in this area. It's worth it alone for the fragrance though! 

Sunnyside Bubble Bar

Look how pretty! It's so gold and shiny- I love it! In the bath, it creates glittery swirls of gold and loads of citrus-scented bubbles. The fragrance isn't particularly strong but it's certainly still noticeable and has a lovely uplifting mood to it. Be careful though- it made my bath really slippery!  

The Godmother Soap

Now this is what Lush was made for! It's ah-ma-zing! The Godmother has the same pear drop and candyfloss fragrance as Snow Fairy and, my goodness, it's incredible. I want to eat it all up (Yeah, I wouldn't actually recommend that!). The fragrance is really powerful. I have this soap sitting on the side of my bath and it fills the whole room. It lathers really well and lasts for ages too. This is what I'll be using to curb my Snow Fairy cravings until Christmas! 

Ceridwen's Cauldron

I love the novelty of this bath melt- It's in a little muslin pouch that you can keep afterwards to use as a washcloth. It also smells absolutely delicious- a warming, soothing scent that reminded me a little of chocolate orange. It has that sort of enveloping richness. Filled with oats, it releases oat milk and cocoa butter, but I didn't actually find this had any effect on the softness of my skin. It's a shame as it smells so lovely! 

Karma Bubble Bar

This is one of Lush's more popular bubble bars, with swirls of orange. As if the colour didn't give it away, it's scented with orange oil as well as patchouli, so it creates an uplifting fragrance that has a fair bit of throw. As with all the bubble bars, it conjures up plenty of bubbles and it also leaves my skin feeling soft. 

Think Pink Bath Ballistic
This bath ballistic sounds absolutely perfect for me- Tonka and vanilla. Mmm, vanilla and caramel! Unfortunately, it smells nothing like you'd expect. It's just a very subtle- almost negligible- scent and has no redeeming qualities: It's not moisturising, it doesn't create bubbles and it doesn't turn the bath water an incredible colour. I don't really understand the hype.

Amandopondo Bubble Bar
I really don't know why I had such a craving for rose scents when I bought these. This bubble bar is very similar to the pink bubbleroon, only it has less of that sweet, citrus scent. The fragrance fills up the bathroom and creates a lovely relaxing mood. I found this to be really good at the end of busy, stressful days. 

Dorothy Bubble Bar
Unlike most other bubble bars, Dorothy changes the colour of my bathwater, which serves no purpose but is a lot of fun. Unsurprisingly, given the colour of the bar, it transforms the water into a brilliant bright blue. The scent is a very clean, uplifting fragrance with notes of ylang ylang and orange flower. 

Ultrabland Facial Cleanser 
After buying Ultrabland, it took me a little while to actually use it. I was a bit intimidated by it. I know that's strange but as I'm used to the old cleanser-on-a-cotton-pad routine (and sometimes the sneaky make up wipe!), this seemed a little unusual. You smear it all over your face and then wipe it off with a warm, damp cloth. Ultrabland has a smooth, creamy consistency, a bit greasy perhaps, and smells strongly of beeswax. As well as the beeswax, it contains almond oil, rose water and honey. 
It's pretty messy but, once I got past the faff, it's an absolute dream! My full face of make up came off straight away, with no residue, and it left my skin feeling really smooth and clean afterwards. I also found that I could use it to remove my eye make up with no senstivity or irritation at all. Even the next morning, my skin was so soft. I think I'm in love!


  1. LOVE the Godmother soap! Delicious (do not eat :p)
    Really want to try Ultrabland, may have to give in at some point

    Peach Pow XO

  2. I cannot believe you mentioned me, thank you so much that was a really lovely surprise on what has been a nightmare of a day.

    I love sunnyside, I think it's one of my favourite Lush products. I didn't notice it making the bath slippery but ours is always a bit like an ice rink so maybe I'm just used to being super careful. My one gripe with it is given the fact that just holding it made me look like a fairy, I was pretty disappointed that once in the bath it didn't seem to produce much glitter at all.

    Thank you for being such a Lushaholic. I should be going shopping on Friday and this has definitely given me some inspiration as to what to pick up next! ;)

    Lots of love, Chelsey xx

    1. I'm glad it cheered you up!

      It annoys me too! I get so glittery just picking it up but that just doesn't transfer into the bath. I'd love to know what you get/got!

  3. I love the Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon, it smells like chocolate orange! Yum!
    I have a sample of Ultrabland but the scent is too intimidating for me, might just try it out after this though Xx

    1. Ooh I must try that! Give Ultrabland a go and let me know what you think!

  4. I like the look of the Bubbleroon (although I am with you on the name!) - I love rose scents though, so I am fairly certain I would love it. I'm a long time fan of Amandopondo too. I haven't had Sunnyside in ages, but it reminds me of the Ruby Red Slippers they used to do at Christmas time, they were basically the red version of Sunnyside (I forget the scent) and I LOVED them! xx

    1. Ooh, I never tried those but they sound lovely!

  5. I love, love, love ultrabland! I think some people are bored of me talking about it now, but it's really changed my skin for the better. The only thing I don't like too much is the smell.

    Think I need to buy a few bubble bars next time I go in!

    Helen x // Beautiful Curiosities

    1. Haha I think it's deserved! The smell doesn't bother me at all though.

      Bubble bars are my favourite thing from Lush!


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