15 Hours with Stay Flawless

As I mentioned earlier this month, I was invited to the Benefit Stay Flawless launch and very kindly received the primer. I reviewed my initial thoughts when I got it but I thought I'd set the 15 hour perfection claim to the test. Ok, it's actually 13 hours since I wasn't prepared to stay awake for 15 hours! 

10am Make up is on and my skin is looking pretty flawless!

11am Heading off out (sans bowler hat as it was pretty windy) and foundation still firmly in place.

12pm It's started raining (as visible with the fluffy hair on top!) but my foundation is still looking good.
1pm You can't see it in this photo but it is absolutely pouring, hence my uncomfortable face! The perfect test situation for my foundation, which still looks good to me. 
2pm This is what my hair looked like when I got back.Thanks, rain! My lipstick is not holding up brilliantly, but the foundation is all there.
3pm After washing my hair and having a bath, my foundation is starting to wear off. Looking at my chin, you can see my blemishes are becoming a little more apparent.
4pm Time for an afternoon nap. I know I shouldn't sleep in my make up but it's for research purposes, and I was changing the sheets the next day anyway. You can definitely see that it's fading away now but, when compared to the mess of my eyeliner, it's not faring too badly. 
5pm A little blurry, but I'm starting to look like I'm wearing a lot less make up now. 
Not a lot happened from now on, and it's pointless having a series of photos of me in exactly the same place so I'll skip ahead a few hours.  
 11pm My foundation has all but gone. Still, it lasted longer than most of my foundation does. 

Not bad for a primer! Who needs make up to last 15 hours anyway? That's longer than I'm usually awake! 


  1. Do a foundation tutorial!!! :D

    1. Eep, I don't know if I'm good enough for that!

  2. This primer seems good. I wonder if it would be a replacement for the stay don't stray for under the eye area?

    Great post.
    Jodie x

    1. I haven't tried Stay Don't Stray so I'm not sure, I'm afraid.

  3. god, i know nothing about makeup! this is the kind of review that is really helpful to me! it seems like an amazing primer (also, what even is a primer? ha, told you i am clueless!)

    1. Haha a primer is a base that you apply before foundation. It gives a more even base to work with and keeps the foundation on longer :)


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