A Day in the Life of Becky: June

9am Wakey wakey, Fluffy!
 10am Time to put my face on! 
 11am Taking photos for my birthday haul post
12pm Rich decided to pick up some light reading. Yeah, War and Peace. 

1pm Lonely-looking swings at the summer fayre. 

2pm It was very, very rainy at the summer fayre so I had a bath to warm up and treated my hair to some loving care.

3pm Surprise visit from Myles and my mum

4pm Planning for my brand-new home office! Exciting! 

5pm Cheeky afternoon read in bed.

6pm Pringle snacks!

7pm Twitter and a film. I'm a prime multitasker! 
8pm Working out the budget for my home office. 
9pm Catching up with Cosmo. 
10pm A bit of bedtime reading before snuggling up to sleep. 


  1. such lovely photos! gotta love Hello Flawless!

    Drawing Dreaming

  2. Ooh is the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle stuff good? I've seen you have curly hair quite similar to mine would be great to find a new product!

    Emily / xxx

  3. This looks like an amazing day, I wish I had space for a home office. Can't wait to see what you come up with xo

    1. I'm only using one tiny little corner with a drop-leaf table. It will be the smallest office ever haha!

  4. Such a cute idea for a post, I love it! (:

  5. Love this post :) serious pringle craving happening right now! x

  6. Looks like you had a lovely day!
    Happy belated birthday


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