ghd IV Lemon Professional Styler

I first straightened my hair when I was around 14. My hair was very, very long and very, very curly, so although it was fun to get my friends to straighten it now and then, it was totally impractical to do it on a regular basis. Then, back in 2009, Rich won some hair straighteners (non-ghd) in a raffle at his workplace. I used them a couple of times, then they were relegated back to the box until last summer, when I started straightening my hair regularly.

Of course, now my trusty straighteners are 4 years old, which is a long time in the beauty world! It was high time I got myself a new pair, so it was perfect timing when I was sent this ghd IV Lemon Professional Styler. It's part of the new Candy Collection range which includes mint and violet as well as this zesty lemon shade. I love it! So pretty and refreshing, much more interesting than the standard black! 

When I first turned the styler on, it beeped at me! This was so exciting for me. Maybe I'm living in the straightening dark ages, but it seemed so sci-fi to have a styler that beeps. Like R2D2 for hair! 

The first thing I noticed was that the ceramic plates are further apart than I expected. Initially, this  confused me as my last pair clamped shut completely, but I quickly realised that this stopped my hair snagging as I ran the styler through it. I also noticed that the plates get very, very hot. I know that sounds obvious, but I wasn't prepared for just how hot they were! Of course, this means my hair gets super straight quickly but I did hurt my fingers several times just from touching my hair! The bonus of this mega heat is that my hair became straighter than it has ever been in its life.

Let's take a moment to appreciate a before and after shot. Yeah. Wow! 

I'm so impressed with this styler. It was so much easier and faster to use than my previous straighteners, and let's not forget how pretty it is! ghd, you have my heart from now on! 


  1. your hair is so lush! lucky you - i adore the yellow! i def need to replace my GHD's, I've had them for about 6 years!

  2. Wow indeed! Your hair looks lovely straight :) love how yellow these are lol I do like me a bit of yellow
    Kirsty x

  3. Love GHDs, they are great and do the job well. x

  4. Woah they are such bright straighteners, I can't believe how different you look between the two photos! I've had my straighteners (Boots own brand) for about 8 years now so I guess that's like a lifetime in the beauty world? I know nothing of these things but maybe I should invest in some of these coloured ones :) XX

  5. I love your natural hair! But I love the colour of the styler more! Ahhhhh, it's so bright and perfect for summer, the mint colour seems really nice aswell!
    Estelle x

  6. SO jealous, I want some ghds :( haha. You look SO good with straight hair- cant believe how long it is! (you look lovely with bouncy curls too) xo

  7. You are such a babe! Look at your hair! It looks b-e-a-utiful :) x

  8. Those straighteners are gorgeous! I got my first set of GHDs a couple of years ago and I love them to bits! My hair is reasonably straight naturally so I use mine to curl my hair, they work so much better than curling tongs! I'd love to have your hair, it looks gorgeous straight too though.
    Jodie xx

  9. GHD rocks and this lemon color is just perfect for summer! Feel free to share your posts on our usres would love to read your review! xx

  10. you look so good with your hair straight!
    check out my latest post:

  11. I want these so bad! The colour is amazing. I couldn't live without my ghd's, mines are black and glittery :)



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