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You may have noticed that I have a fair few piercings (15 at last count, with more to come!) so it goes without saying that I need quite the stash of body jewellery. This is where Urban Body Jewelry comes in. As well as BCRs, labrets and all the rest of it, they also have a load of plugs. The best bit about this, is that they do small sizes. This is important to me. My tunnel is 8mm and I can't tell you how difficult it is to find cute plugs in that size. 
Ok, moustaches might be a little passé by now but how incredible is this septum jewellery. I've been toying with the idea of getting my septum pierced and this pushes me that little bit further towards the piercing studio!

When I stretched my ear, I was so fussy about having cute tapers, despite the fact they'd only be in for a few minutes. If you're obsessed with pretty things, like me, this ear stretching kit might be perfect for you. They have different colours too. You know, if pink's not your thing. 
I seriously want these star plugs. Look how cute they are! 

So, moral of the day: Urban Body Jewellery is pretty awesome if you're looking for body jewellery, especially plugs. They have loads of plugs and unusual ones too- Coffin shaped, anyone? If you're a piercing fan, check them out. 
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  1. I'm not a fan of the whole moustache trend, but I saw that septum piercing on a heavily modded, beardy biker bloke and I mind may have been changed at least for that piece. ;P

    I really want a septum piercing and I love piercing stuff. Great post, never heard of these guys before.

    1. Me neither but this septum piercing is just too amazing haha!

  2. I've just been on that website and I think I ordered off it a long long time ago when everyone wanted tunnels, I wasn't ever allowed them so I brought the fake ones! Cringeeeeeeee.

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

    1. Haha I had the fake ones before I started stretching. So cool!

  3. Oh 8mm plugs! I'm that small too so I need to have a look. I usually use bodyjewelleryshop.com
    How strange I've been thinking about getting my septum pierced too.

    1. I might go up to 10mm but I'm not sure because of work. I've seen septum chains and they look so pretty and dainty!

  4. Great post, I have my tongue pierced and I'm always looking for new designs on tongue bars :)

    Charlotte xx


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