101 in 1001 VIV

#95: Learn to drive
Ok, so I haven't actually learned to drive yet but I did pass my theory test this month. I'm working my way towards it! 

#96: Read 75 books
I've read a fair bit this month. I'll be able to read even more in August and I plan to have a whole day of reading in bed. 

#101: Watch the backlog of films I've downloaded
 After finishing the book, I watched the film adaptation of The Hours. It was absolutely beautiful but also very, very depressing. Don't say I didn't warn you!
After my trip to see The Rocky Horror Show, I decided to watch the film again and see if I liked it any more now that I'd seen the stage show. I still found it underwhelming, unfortunately. It definitely doesn't translate onto screen well. Though I would love to see Tim Burton direct a remake! 
One sleepy Saturday, I decided to watch Brokeback Mountain. I saw it about 5 years ago and always meant to watch it again. 2 hours later, I regretted my decision as my face hurt from sobbing! Why does it have to be so sad? 
Who doesn't love a good gnome pun?


  1. I seriously loved Norwegian Wood, I'm glad to finally know someone who's read it!
    Congrats on passing the theory test, fingers crossed learning to drive is as easy as learning the theories for you :)

    xo Kristina Rose

    1. I loved it too! I have a review coming up.
      Nope, I'm terrible at driving haha!

  2. What did you think of The Boy in the River? I read and reviewed it last month, I thought it was amazing but so tragic and thought-provoking xxx

    1. I've got a review coming up in a few weeks (I read so quickly that there's weeks of book reviews stacked up haha!). It was actually written by a friend of Rich's so I was kind of obliged to read it haha! I found it engaging but some of the attempts at humour seemed a little off- It felt out of place in such a serious book.


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