Be More Dog

Last week, I received an exciting and, quite frankly, terrifying email from the people at O2:

At O2, we believe that we should all be a little more dog... More excitable, more adventurous, a little more amazed by everything around us!

We'd like to send you two boxes to choose from... Will you decide to spend your weekend lazing like a cat, or dare to experience something different like a dog?

Yesterday, a huge box arrived for me. Opening it, I found two locked boxes inside. Each one had a sticker on and I had to choose whether to go for the cat box or the dog box. It was a more difficult decision than I thought it would be- Although I wanted to go for the dog box, I was afraid that I'd be sent doing something terrifing. Plus, although the dog box appeared to be empty, the cat box felt really heavy and the materialistic side of me of screaming Open the cat box! 

In the end, I turned to my source for all advice: Twitter. Searching around for a little, I discovered that the box contained an experience. Other people had been sent to body combat, high wires and tank driving. None of this was really my thing so I was getting ready to ask for my cat code, when I saw that a tweet that said there was a little cuddly dog inside the box. I couldn't just leave him in there, so I took a deep breath and requested the dog code.
One word stared up at me: Skydiving. No. No, no no. No can do. I do not do planes. Then, to my relief, I noticed the word Indoors next to it. Phew! No jumping out of a plane involved- Just hurling myself into a wind tunnel. This could be fun!

I invited my bestie Marie to come as my plus one and, after a (kind of) quick stopoff for Marie to get a new tattoo, we headed to the newly opened Airkix Basingstoke, got hopelessly lost and somehow still managed to check in perfectly on time. 

Our instructor was called JD and he was very nice and reassuring to everyone. He explained the position we would need to be in and what to expect, then we went to get changed. I had the rather embarrassing situation of not fitting into my boiler suit and having to ask for a larger size. Even that one was very tight and, as it was such a hot day, very sweaty. I really hope they wash them between wears! 

We all got into the flying room and we could watch everybody else have their turn...and so could everybody else who had just wandered into the building. It's very offputting to see people watching you (and laughing!) as you concentrate on staying off the floor. It's so much more difficult that I expected! JD kept telling me to straighten my legs (via hand signals, as it's too loud to hear anything in there) but, as far as I was aware, they were perfectly straight. I was pretty much just bouncing off the floor like a daddy long legs! I could also feel my cheeks wobbling from the wind speed which Marie thought was hilarious! We got one minute in the tunnel, then everybody had another turn. 

I was a lot better the second time but still totally overshadowed by Marie who managed to float above JD's head, whereas I barely reached his knee!

It was a very fun, if difficult, experience and I'm very glad that we got to go. Thanks, O2! I will definitely be more dog from now on!

Afterwards, we popped into Nando's, naturally! It was a great day!

By the way, somehow my cat box opened too. I think Fluffy must have done it even though he doesn't have a code. It's almost like he tried every single code until he reached the one that worked... 

I tell you, these treats are perfect for me! I wonder if somebody at O2 actually did some research to find out what would be best received or if it was just a very happy coincidence. Either way, it's perfect. Thank you so much O2! 


  1. Looks amazing!! Definitely made the right choice with the dog box hehe, especially seeing as the cat one was open anyway haha! Double whammy! I've always wondered about those Airkix, but am now definitely put off knowing that everyone can stare in at you - no- thank - you!!

  2. Wow! That is amazing! Would love is someone would put together something like this over here! I don't know which box I'd choose! My gut would always be to go with the cat, but I'm trying to start saying "yes" to more things and so the dog box might be just the ticket! I'm so glad you had a super fun time! What an experience you'll have to look back on! The whole thing was put together so well, it seems! It would make my "must keep everything" side tingle! xx

    Megan @ Little Miss Average

  3. What an amazing experience. I don't know, if I were brave enough to do this, but it looks like great fun. :)

    Love, Mel xoxo

  4. You can be truly inspiring

  5. That so much fun haha



  6. I did this at airkix manchester! It was really fun even though I was completely rubbish at it and on my first go I wizzed around the tube like I was in a washing machine. everyone else in my group was dead serious whist they were having their turn, me and my sister were in hysterics and embarrassingly I dribbled all down my face I was laughing so much. And you can see me wiping it off very clearly on the video.


    1. Haha I was so rubbish too! I thought my nose was running at one point but luckily it wasn't!

  7. I am so jealous of the things in both of those boxes!!
    I have to admit that the flying thing looks a little terrifying though... x

  8. This looks like the most incredible experience! Also, the cat box is so me! let us all know how you like The Casual Vacancy - I'm really keen to read it, but sort of terrified at the same time? I don't want to hate it! haha xx

    1. I'll definitely do a book review when I've read it!

  9. I really want to indoor skydive!! This looks so much fun! :D
    Thanks for sending your link from the social bloggers chat!

    Anna Czarina


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