My girly Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini

After a little over two years with my HTC, it was finally time to upgrade my phone. I headed over to Phones 4 U and chose a Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini, almost entirely on the basis of how small it was. My hands are so tiny that I can't hold regular ones. Seriously.

By pure coincidence, I was contacted by Phones 4 U only a few days after I got my new phone who sent me some phone cases to review. What great timing!

I chose a couple of pink cases and, to my delight, I was sent an extra one too. You can never have too many pink cases, right? I want to have the prettiest phone in the land! 

The Elite Collection case is a gorgeous, bright case. I love the matte finish and it popped over the back of my current case perfectly. It was super, duper secure. Maybe too secure as I really struggled to get it off again! It was a hard case though which tends to make me think that it's more durable. 

This Phones 4 U jelly case was so easy to take on and off, due to the pliable material. It didn't seem to fit fantastically though as it was loose at the top and it didn't quite match up with the case. As you can see above, the case sticks over the camera a little, although it didn't affect the photos. 
The Samsung flip case was my favourite. Rich has one of these in black for his Galaxy Note. Yes, we have matching phones. I'm aware of how weird that is. I had to take the back of the current case off to fit this one on, but it's become a part of the phone and means it's a lot less bulky than the other two. As I mentioned before, I need to have a tiny phone! 
The flipped top is brilliant as it protects the screen, but it is a little fiddly to hold my phone with the case open. I need to use two hands, otherwise it flips over, and if I fold it underneath, the phone becomes too wide to comfortably hold. Thanks for the tiny hands, mum and dad! 

I'm pretty chuffed with my cases. They're all really cute and, more importantly, protect my phone from nasty knocks and bumps. Thank you, Phones 4 U! 


  1. How cool that they sent you THREE cases to review! My favourites are the matte and flippy cases and I love the bright pink. In terms of phones I'm very much an iPhone kind of girl, but I love Apple products in general :L

    Amyloo xx


  2. I got a flip case for my S3 when I first got it, but I felt it was quite a bit of hassle when it came to actually using it, from making phone calls to taking pictures. They do look great though and I do agree about it being good for making less bulk - something I don't really like about jelly cases.

    1. I thought it was a bit of hassle at first but after playing with it a while, I've got used to it.

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