July in Review

My favourite outfit

I am still totally in love with my skull-adorned H&M dress.

My favourite shoes

My swallow-print shoes are so cute! 

My favourite book

The Hours was amazing! So beautifully written.  

My favourite day out

I went indoor skydiving and I was awful!

Other favourites

I bared my cellulite in a swimsuit.

School's out for summer!

5 tips on taking self portraits

Visiting the British Museum

On being plus size

A day in the life of a teacher

5 ways to show personality on your blog 

Word of the month

My word of the month was Love. I wasn't amazingly focussed this week. It was the last month of the year, so I was pretty exhausted! However, I managed to tweet all my favourite people to tell them what I loved about them. This was amazing, since I scheduled them all at the beginning of the month and pretty much forgot all about them! Most people responded by telling me what they loved about me (with the exceptiuon of my little brother, who just said "OK"). Sharing the love all over the place! 


  1. July has been my favourite month so far this year!
    And my worst in ways to, funny how it all works out isn't it?

    I love these posts, theyre SUCH a great idea.

    Your life looks so exciting Becky! Love it.

    Girl you like so darn fine in a swimsuit!!! ;)

    Kelly ||

    1. Haha my life is not exciting at all! I just don't post about all the days I spend sitting on the sofa :p

  2. Yay! I love favorites posts! I do one weekly, but I should do a monthly round up too! You've inspired me.

    1. Aaw I'm glad :) I'll have to look out for yours!


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