How perfect is Chloe's outfit! 
Leona spotted this Fairly Odd Potter top and tweeted me straight away! I love that girl! Unfortunately, it's a 24 hour t-shirt site, so it will not be mine!
I love this! Teacher Dale Irby wore the same outfit for his yearbook photos for 40 years
Unfortunately, I've been ill this week and had a few days off work. Katie Hopkins was on This Morning (as she seems to be every week!) with yet another ridiculous, vile opinion on the working class. However, I was mightily cheered up at the end when Holly Willoughby put her right in her place. In fact, I rewound the TV 5 times just to watch Katie's face drop again and again and again. Holly, I love you!


  1. Haha I know! She's always out with stupid stuff like this. Another one was when she judged children by the party invitations and wouldn't let her children go to parties if she deemed the invitations too tacky!

  2. You and me both! I reckon she'd like your name though!

    You should watch it though. It's an ultimate dressing down for her!

  3. Does she really believe what she's talking? I mean, I know that issue, that certain names comes across some social classes more often than another. And I feel sorry for all the "Kävins", "Schantalls" and "Tschakelins" here in germany. And I also know the issue, that some people have their prejudices and don't depart from them. But can somebody really so narrow-minded to judge a child by him/her name? Really? This is so ridiculous that I think, she comes up with such bullshit just for 5 minutes of fame. *facepalm*

    1. This is really interesting. Here in the UK, Kevin and Chantelle are seen as undesirable names, just like Kävin and Schantall.

  4. I LOVE that you included news on this that I'm not a part of; educational.

    Also Katie Hopkins is one of the least intelligent women I've seen lately. I wouldn't let my kids play with hers for fear her teachings of assholery would rub off;) I love how everyone else was rolling their eyes:)



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