House Tour: Kitchen

Our kitchen is the mythical place where Rich goes to get me food! I have to admit, I only ever go in the kitchen on my way to the bathroom which is on the other side. I'm certainly not a domestic goddess! Nevertheless, it's in full view of our living room so I've tried to make it look as pretty as possible.
I love salt and pepper shakers. These are one of three pairs, which is funny as we never actually use any! 
A very old and very faded photo of us. I think it was just put in the kitchen when we were unpacking after moving and it never found a home.
I love the 1950s dining table we have. We never sit at the table though. It's really just used as a glorified kitchen counter. 
I think I picked up this cute door hanger in Brighton a year or so ago. Or maybe it was a gift from my mum. I can't quite remember. 
These magnets were definitely a gift from my mum! I have the Blue Energy blob on there too, just because it's so cute!

The newspaper clipping is a couple of years old now. The squinty-eyed goalie in green is my little brother. Proud big sister right here! 
This little squirrel was a Christmas present from Rich a couple of years ago. He's actually a Christmas decoration but he's too cute to be relegated to The Box every year. Instead he takes up permanent residence in the kitchen, only to visit his holiday home of the Christmas tree in December. 
My entire kitchen seems to be made up of gifts from my mum. This advertisement sign was a birthday present. She saw it and thought of me immediately!
 My ultimate dream is a pink retro kitchen. In the absence of a lottery win, however, I have to make do with a pink biscuit tin, toaster and kettle. 
The radio biscuit tin is a first aid kit. As with little tin of plasters in front, the tin was- you guessed it- a present from my mum! We keep our coppers in the Coca Cola glass in the foreground.
This is my favourite part of the kitchen- The skylight! 

Wow, turns out our kitchen is pretty much stuffed to the brim with knick knacks! 


  1. Your kitchen seems so kitsch and cute!


  2. If you're going to leave the adorable little squirrel up after Christmas, make sure you don't take it down any time before Christmas! My mum would go nuts and tell you it's bad luck! If you leave a decoration up after Christmas it MUST stay up!x

    1. Haha he has permanent residence in the kitchen so I think I'm ok!

  3. I love your kitchen, its very eclectic and shows what makes you You!

    Also the squirrell, too cute!


  4. Your kitchen is so retro and kitschy. I love it! I'm particularly enamoured with your salt and pepper shakers.

  5. Absolutely love the radio biscuit tin used as a first aid box, great idea! x

  6. Love how kitsch everything is! I want a bit of a beach cafe type theme for my kitchen...when I finally get my own!

    Victoria xx


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