A surprise visit

Yesterday, after getting in from my driving lesson, I found a text from Laura asking if she could visit. She was attending a christening in the next town over the following day, and figured she could visit me, crash at ours, then go to the christening in the morning. It was a lovely surprise visit!

As it was such a lovely evening, we decided to head to the park and make like 8 year olds again! Such a lot of fun!

 I risked the slide, convinced that I was going to get stuck halfway down but, miraculously, I managed to slide all the way down. It was a very exciting moment! 
Look at that beautiful sunset!


  1. Surprises are just THE best.
    Love your pictures Becky!
    Looks like you had a super great day :D

    Kelly ||

    1. Thank you! I took these on my phone because my camera battery ran out haha!


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