A day in Brighton

Yesterday I posted all about the Brighton Pride parade. We had a lovely mooch around the city after the parade had finished. 

First stop was, of course, Nando's. Hello gay chicken! 

After filling up with tasty chicken, we headed over to Pavillion Gardens. I've never actually paid much attention to Brighton Pavillion. It's beautiful!

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. I can't resist an art gallery! 

We went to see the Jeff Koons exhibits. I wasn't overly familiar with his work, which is surprising as I'm a sucker for postmodern sculpture, but I loved it! I love the kitschness and the childlike delight that it instilled in me. 

I managed to sneak a little photo before I got caught by the security guard! 
We also visited the rest of the museum. It turns out I am bigger than a bison. Who knew?
They had an amazing cultural mask that you could try on. So much fun!

I loved the collection of vintage beach memorabillia- including a selection of vintage calling cards found in phone boxes! This music hall poster is a little more family friendly!

Can I have this sign in my house please? 

Once we'd explored all over the museum, we headed to the shops. Naturally. I didn't buy anything! Can you believe it?

Then it was time for my forward helix piercing! I headed to Punktured which, after getting my conch pierced there last April, is the only place I will trust near my face with a needle! Alex, the guy who pierced me, was amazing- Really funny and friendly! We also had a girl called Julie sitting in with him and they were a great laugh together. I'm normally a piercer's dream- I sit down, they pop the needle in with no fuss from me and I barely bleed. However, I remember having problems with my scaffold way back in 2006, and this was similar- Painful and bloody! I actually managed to get cramp in my foot at the exact point that the needle went in. Not a pleasant sensation! Nevertheless, I am absolutely in love with my new piercing. It's blooming adorable! Thanks so much to Alex, Julie and everyone else at Punktured! As somebody who has now had 27 piercings, take it from me that this is a fantastic studio. I wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone! 
Of course, no trip to Brighton would be complete without a trip to the beach! 
Big fat seagull! 
 Nothing like an ice cold can of Lemon Fanta on a hot day at the beach!
Finally, let's end this post on a cheesy photo. Looking to the future!


  1. Your pictures look lovely! I have a forward helix piercing too! I really like it but its a straight bar, is yours slightly bent? xxx

  2. Looks like a great day :) I love Brighton.

    My forward helix was super painful and bled a lot too. I can take a lot of pain so I didn't flinch but I cannot describe the pain! Still, it's my favourite piercing.

    1. Same here! I wonder why it's such a painful spot?

  3. Lemon Fanta is the one! I always love your photo-style, so pretty! x

  4. I've wanted to have my forward helix done for ages.
    Seeing this has made me more determined to get it done :)
    i can see you had a lovely time in Brighton.
    It somewhere I would love to visit very soon.

    Leah @ Peaches and Smoke

    1. Do it!!! And you definitely need to visit Brighton!

  5. Looks amazing! I was in Brighton last week - love the nandos chicken hehe x


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