Book Review: Maggie and Me

Maggie and Me- Damian Barr
I'd heard a lot of good reviews about this book so it was top of my list. The hype was definitely deserved. Maggie and Me is the true story of Damian Barr growing up gay in Scotland at the height of Thatcherism. It details the difficulties he has as a young boy being physically abused by his stepfather, bullied by his schoolmates but ultimately achieving his lifetime goal of being a journalist. 
His tale was instantly engaging. Barr has a very funny, witty way of telling his story which made me laugh out loud at points. It was definitely a sense of humour that resonated with me. Yet there were also times of heartbreak- Not just from the abuse he suffered at the hands of his drunken stepfather but the neglect from his well-meaning but struggling mother and the dilemmas of his friends who want to protect him from the school bullies but, at the same time, need to protect themselves.
The conclusion made me cry. All the reviews talked about how uplifting the story was but I found the complete opposite: Although uplifting and witty in parts, it did leave me feeling very upset for the young Damian. Nevertheless, the epilogue is inspiring, heartfelt and poignant. I really did love this book and all the emotions it stirred within me. I recommend it to anyone looking for something new to read. 


  1. I think I may be adding this to my list of books to read. It sounds as though it'll be a great read, and one that's though invoking. x


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