I know I'm more of a Pepsi girl but this advert is adorable! 
Viviana's apartment is my idea of heaven! 
Although I refuse to accept anything with those three dreaded words (Back to school!), I do wish I was one of Ella's daughters because I want to wear this cute uniform! 
I'll be bookmarking Dina's guide to Edinburgh
This is the cutest comic ever... and definitely me through and through! 
I'd never heard of GISHWHES until Kate Gabrielle posted about it but I will definitely be getting involved next year! 
After posting my review of Murakami's Norwegian Wood earlier today, Leanne linked me to this Murakami Bingo. It's amazing- "Ear fetish" is my favourite and definitely something I've observed. It's actually available as a poster, which I will definitely be buying come payday. 
I love the new M&S campaign, if only because it's amazing to see Tracey Emin hailed for her contribution to art as a woman. 


  1. I literally like 20 minutes away from Edinburgh and I agree that you really do need to go to the National Museum. I went for the first time a few weeks ago and it was amazing. They have a trex skeleton and the admission is free!

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. How did I never heard of Gishwhes before?! It seems awesome!


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