Derren Brown: Infamous

I am a big Derren Brown fan. When I was about 13, I discovered Mind Control on TV and was instantly fascinated by it. Then, aged 15, I watched The Seance at my grandma's house and my teenage mind was blown away. In 2010, Rich and I went to see his Enigma show. It was insane and I knew I'd have to see him again one day. Finally, 3 years later, I booked tickets to see Enigma.

I went with my friend Adira (who also doubles up as the world's most amazing teaching assistant) and we thought we'd make a day of it by venturing around London first. Nando's followed by Harrods followed by Derren Brown equals one awesome day!

I met Adira at Paddington Station first, which I've never been to before (apart from the time I accidentally got on the fast train to London on my way to work!). It had some very pretty architecture. I'm a sucker for this kind of thing!

I managed to resist visiting The Paddington Bear Shop because I knew I'd be forced to adopt several of the cuties! 

First stop: Nando's. Where else?

I later discovered that there was a Scotland vs England match on yesterday but, at the time, I couldn't understand why there were more Scottish people in London than I had ever seen in my life. In fact, I think there were more Scottish people in London than English people yesterday. More Scottish people than there were in Scotland. Every single person in this photo is Scottish, and this isn't even half of Trafalgar Square. That's not to mention all the Scots on the tube, walking around the rest of London, in the pubs etc. 

After seemingly stumbling into Scotland, we popped over to Harrods and spent a disturbing amount of time pretending to buy sunglasses, bags and clothes. Adira went so far as to try on a Prada skirt! I fell in love with the most beautiful pink gingham Prada coat. Unfortunately, it cost 10% of my salary. Boo!

If you ever go to Harrods, be sure to take the lifts at some point. They are very, very old Otis lifts. At one point, they had the inner doors and were operated by an attendant using the lever. Unfortunately, they've been modernised since but they are still beautiful!

 Then it was time to find the theatre! The show was very good. I didn't find it as mind-blowing as Enigma. Maybe this is because I'd seen him before and had high expectations or maybe it is just that the material wasn't as impressive. Either way, it was still a very good show and I definitely recommend it! It will be touring from 18th August so there's plenty of chances to catch it.

As with all his shows, Derren asks that people do not reveal any of the content, so I won't tell you anything that happens. I will say that I managed to get on stage in the second part of the show and got to watch most of that half from the stage. Although Derren didn't talk to me personally (there was a group of us), it was a fantastic experience. If a little unnerving, having 2000 people staring at you! 


  1. I went to see this too back in May in Liverpool! I was blown away, maybe because I haven't seen him live before but I can't WAIT to watch it on TV! Great post seems like you had fun. Those lifts look cute!

  2. Derren Brown is so interesting! (Also Nando's and Harrod's are both amazing, Harrods just that bit more aha)

    Sophie, x

    1. I love a bit of Derren Brown! And Nando's haha!

  3. Ah, I've never been to Paddington Station but I remember LOVING Paddington Bear as a child! Lovely post!


    1. Well if you ever go to Paddington Station, be sure to visit the shop and pick up your own Paddington Bear!

  4. This sounds like a fun day! When my fiancé was younger he went to a derren brown show and ended up on stage, on a bed of nails, with derren brown walking on his back! I don't think it was a televised one, otherwise I would have hunted it down, would have loved to have seen it!

  5. Yay for Nandos. Fun fact: the population of London is greater than that of Scotland, so there probably were more people! I've never actually seen anything from Derren Brown, I'll have to get round to that.

    Water Painted Dreams

  6. Derren Brown is amazing! I'm so jealous!
    Danielle xo || Lilyofthevalley

  7. I am ridiculously jealous! I love Derren Brown and would love to see him live - determined to one day! Also, that Paddington Bear shop looks amazing - it's shops like that which make me love London and miss it, it's been a long time since I've been.

  8. I'm bursting with excitement to see Infamous!. I'm flying all the way from Canada just to watch it.

    1. Wow! That's a LOOONG way! I hope you love it :)


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