Sponsor shoutout: Becca Louisa

Becca Louisa is the lifestyle and beauty blog of Becca Louisa (surprise, surprise!), a 20-something Londoner. She has a great little blog and you should all check it out for three reasons.

1. She has the best days out
From the London Colour Run and cocktails in Moroccan-themed bars to general wanderings around London, her blog is filled with details of her amazing days out.

2. She loves a good list!
Every week, Becca Louisa posts a list of ten things that have made her happy in the past week. I love this idea- It's so positive! 

3. Her photos of London are out of this world!

See what I mean?

Be sure to check her out and don't forget to let me know what you think!

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  1. I can't believe she doesn't have more followers, such a lovely blog to find :) xx

  2. I love get london photos its my favourite place I'm going to follow her right away


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