An attempt at a pakora recipe

I don't speak Urdu (shock, I know!) so Noor helped me with the Urdu. Thank you so much! 

I work with a lot of Asian children. My last class of 30 had 14 Pakistani children and 4 Indian children so, whenever we had class parties, the food table would be heaped with pakoras and samosas. I would pretty much eat my body weight in pakoras and I was determined to learn to make them myself over summer.

Today I finally gave it a go! I kind of made up my own recipe, using online ones as a basis, and it didn't work out quite as I wanted to. The recipe I post here is my edited one for future pakoras but I haven't actually tried this one out yet so, you know, don't go mad at me if it's wrong. I've done my best!

You will need:

250g gram flour (normally found in the World Food section)
1 tablespoon coriander powder
1/2 courgette 
2 green chillis
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 peeled potato (medium size)
Cooking oil

1. Finely chop the potatoes, chillis and courgette.

2. Mix together the flour, coriander, chillis and baking powder.

3. Gently pour in water whilst mixing the ingredients to form a thick paste.

4. Mix in the potato and courgette. 

5. Scoop out tablespoon-sized amounts of the mixture and place in frying pan with oil. Keep them as flat as possible.

7. Fry on a medium heat until golden brown all over. 

8. Serve up and enjoy! 

If you try this, let me know how it goes. I'd love to hear your pakora tales! 


  1. I love pakoras TOO much , this recipe is pretty sophisticated , in Pakistan we don't use courgette ;)They look so yummy .

    PS : The word in image doesn't exist in urdu or hindi but it sounds funny .
    Noor @ Noor's Place

    1. Haha!!! At least you didn't read it and think "SHE DID EVERYTHING WRONG"!!!

      I KNEW I'd get the word wrong! How do you type "yummy" in Urdu?

  2. It looks delicious!


    1. Not as delicious as the ones I get at work, unfortunately!

  3. Sorry completely not Pakora related, but do you have a picture of the dress/top you're wearing? It looks amazing!

    Efia @ Effy Talks Life


    1. Haha it's a dress. There's going to be an outfit post with it on Saturday :)

    2. How sneaky to give us a tiny glimpse of it! the pattern is amaaaazing! x

  4. sweetie I really love your blog!!
    this food is yummmyyyy and I really love your style! You have maybe the best style ever hun!! I am visiting your blog every day:)
    I would appreciate it if you could check my blog and follow me:)
    Love & Keep in touch

  5. :O yummy I need to try this :) please post other recipes :)

  6. I love pakoras! Yours look great! :)


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