Review: Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in 69

When I went to Southampton with Helen and Islay earlier this week, Helen led us to Debenhams so she could pick up one of the newly-released Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks. Being the enabler she is, I also walked out with one. 

Let's start with the packaging. It's beautiful. A chrome mirrored tube with the brand name etched into the side of the lid. It feels very sturdy, which is reassuring and I love the shape of the bullet.

Applying the lipstick, it has a soft, creamy consistency. It glides on well and is very easy to apply but, once it is on the lips, it feels a little sticky. Urban Decay explain that the lipstick has Maxi-Lip plumps. I've got absolutely no idea what that's supposed to be but perhaps that's what makes it feel sticky.  The colour is highly pigmented and a very deep, blue-based red with a sheen to it. It's a really striking shade and I love it! 
The durability isn't the best. After a couple of hours, it had faded in the centre and had smudged badly at the corners- I had a streak of pink stretching upwards on each side. Admittedly, I had been eating and drinking but I've still worn more durable lipsticks before. As it fades, it turns more into a vibrant pink rather than the red that appears on application.

For £15, it's a fairly average lipstick price for me, but I'm not sure if the staying power is really worth it. As much as I love the shade, I think I'll stick with my MAC from now on. 


  1. wow this colour looks amazing on you! how exciting!

  2. This is a pretty shade, shame about the durability though x

  3. I loooooove a red lippy. I use Avon (of all things) and sometimes Barry M which has to be my fave and SO cheap.
    I have never used a Mac lipstick though, have you reviewed one on here? x

    1. I will have a MAC review up on Monday :) I love MAC lipsticks!

  4. I love this colour! :)

    xo, Inês

  5. You're such a bad influence!

  6. I am the worst "girl" in the world, I just can't imagine spending £15 on a lipstick! I go for whatever is cheap and a little bit good when buying make-up, maybe I should change this? haha!

  7. Oooh , I might have to pick up one of these :) the colour looks lovely

  8. Such a lovely colour but shame about the lasting power, might give it a miss.


  9. It indeed looks lovely =D And red suites you really really good Ö
    Sad that it doesn't last very long and it smudges at the corner :s
    It's sometimes hard to find a good lipstick ö I think it's pretty expensive too :c for that price it could at least lasted a little longer x3


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