Ashly is an absolute genius!
I just found out narwhals are real and now I want a pet one. This crocheted mounted narwhal is adorable! 
Since I'm reading so much Marakami lately, I've been reading up a little on modern Japanese culture. I've discovered Tokyo Faces and I love it! There are so many outfits on this blog that I would actually wear and it's super inspiring. 

Evidently this is Japan week! I don't care whether you think this is acted or a genuine prank- I would totally react in exactly the same way as this dude. I definitely would not notice the legs if there was a whopping great dinosaur nashing at my heels! 
I absolutely adore Jamie's outfit! Why have I never thought of teaming a red top with my polkadot skirt? 


  1. That mounted narwhal is precious! I've been wanting to make something along those lines for a while and it's got me thinking.

  2. Love this post :) Found some new things to take a gander at!

  3. Just gorgeous! We really love the cloud-printed jacket, and red with polkadot really work well!

    <3 PinKixx

  4. I think I need a mounted narwhal too! They're the unicorns of the sea! Except real.
    Thanks so much for featuring my outfit here!

  5. Loving Jamie's outfit too, I might have to try that look :)

    Also love the nail polish tip - I'll definitely give that a go when I do my nails tomorrow!


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