I'm a big fan of outfit-sharing sites. In fact, way back in 2010, I regained my interest in blogs as a direct result of these sites. BeauCoo is another site where you can share your looks, but it has something very different from the rest- You can enter your measurements and find people whose bodies are similar to yours.
It’s very simple. When you sign up, you type in your height and your bust, waist and hip measurements. These are kept confidential so don’t panic! Then you can start discovering other people and check out what they’re wearing. You can share the shops too so you can find great new places to shop. Like I need an excuse!

Let me tell you, BeauCoo is pretty awesome. There are four main reasons for this:

1. You can see exactly what suits your body shape.
By finding people with the same shape as you, you can see what works for them. Using other people as inspiration is all well and good, but what works for one person won't work for another. I don't know about you, but I've bought items of clothing because I saw someone else looking great in it, only to look ridiculous when I put them on. BeauCoo stops that problem. You know it will look great on you, because it looks great on these other gorgeous girls. Problem solved! 

2. It gives you a reference of your body
I think we all look in the mirror and see a body that's different to how other people see it. We pick out our imperfections and magnify them, when other people barely even notice them. Finding other people with my body shape on BeauCoo shows me that, actually, a lot of my body perception is in my imagination. It's empowering to see beautiful figures and realise that yours are the same! 

3. You can share your awesomeness with other people
I know other people are great but don't underestimate yourself either! You're fantastic and other people want to see your style. This is your opportunity to show off how amazing you are. Not only can you share your style but you’ll be able to inspire other people too. Take centre stage- You deserve it! 

4. You can access it everywhere!
Another plus point of BeauCoo is that you can access it whenever and wherever. I prefer the app as I can explore it on the go (I use the Android app, since I have a Samsung, but there's an Apple app for you iPhoners too!). If you prefer to chill out at home, BeauCoo also have a website, where you can check out the great inspiration on offer.

Go and check it out, guys, and, whilst you're there, check out my profile. I can't wait to see what you post!  

Yep, this was a sponsored post but I genuinely do love BeauCoo. All money earned from sponsored posts go straight back into the blog, to make it the best blog in the entire world (or at least as good as it can be!). If you're interested in advertising your blog or business on Becky Bedbug, check out my sponsorship page


  1. It sounds like an awesome sight. Will check it out x

  2. This sounds wicked, great for getting ideas and finding outfits that are more likely to suit me.

  3. Becky I love this sight, all logged in, bt how do I upload ! :(

    1. You can only upload looks on the app at the moment.

  4. i'm on BeauCoo, too! and just wrote a post about it. i hope it spread like wildfire - it's such an inspiring site!


  5. What a great idea! I know that in Lookbook and Chictopia, you can view people who are "like you" but, realistically, they're not all that like you. This is a fantastic idea!


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