Brighton Pride Look and 52 Shoes XXV

Sunglasses: Primark
Top: H&M
Pinafore: New Look
Socks: Topshop
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins

The theme of Brighton Pride this year was Gay Icons so I decided to dress inspired by the world's biggest gay icon- Dorothy herself! Everyone could be a friend of Dorothy with me! (I was also once told I look like Judy Garland and I'm desperately clinging onto that comparison!)
Can we take a moment to appreciate my amazing Dolce & Gabbana-esque sunglasses. Primark. £2. Woohoo!
I got these shoes about two years ago but they were a little big so I only wore them once. I cracked them out again today and they were perfect for my ruby slippers! Especially when paired with my cute frilly socks!


  1. LOVE these pictures Becky,
    Your glasses are beautiful :)
    Kelly ||

    1. Thanks Kelly! I love them too- especially considering how cheap they were haha!

  2. I love the sunglasses

  3. Aw I have the same glasses, cute rnt they! Love the outfit and red Dorothy shoes x

  4. Love the shoes and frilly sock combo :) I actually thought "Oh wow, she looks like Dorothy" and then I read a bit further.. so, well done! haha :)

  5. Such a good excuse to dress up as Dotty! Love it


  6. Frilly socks & red pumps, love it x

  7. Your outfit is super sweet! those glasses are amaze-balls too *love*


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