I found about the A Beautiful Mess 30-day self-portrait challenge 10 days too late. I want to join in and complete it, so I'll extending it for those extra 10 days. Are you joining us? 
Danny shared his watermelon t shirt tutorial on Lazy Explorers. It's amazing! 
There is a sniper in this photo, with a huge massive gun! Hint: He's not in the hole, although I was convinced he was for ages! 
Leona has perfected the fishtail plait and I am super jealous! 
Kate Gabrielle went to see Despicable Me 2 and dressed up as a minion. Adorbs! 
I think this is the greatest website of all time! 
I would say that I need to stop sharing Jes' posts every Friday but, actually, she's too awesome for that: How to kick ass on a daily basis
I had so many of these 90s toys and I had totally forgotten about them until now. 
I saw this on Twitter and it cracked me up since the girl on the left is blatantly Richard Osman time travelling in drag, and the one on the right Stephen Fry. The one in the middle looks like Donny Osmond too. Just not in drag. Actual Donny Osmond in the 70s


  1. Good God, I could actually smell those cupcake dolls at the sight of your photo - ah, nostalgia!

    Sophie | onetenzeroseven

  2. the despicable me outfit is super adorable & it took me way longer than i'd like to share to find that sniper lol!

  3. I loved Kate Gabrielle's minion look, I did my own too xD I wore it to school sometimes just as an ordinary outfit and people loved it!



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