365 126- 139

Whoops! I was so busy last week that I totally forgot to post my 365 post! This week, you'll have a double post to make up for it. 

126 Our garden desperately needs a trim!

127 Homemade sushi. Yum!

128 My beautiful pastel wig for Hyper Japan. 

129 An amazing array of nail varnish at Topshop in Westield Stratford City!
130 Delicious Japanese biscuits. 

131 Another shot of the Japanese biscuits. 

132 This shot makes my town look so pretty and whimsical! It's not. 

133 Another month, another prescription. 

134 Delivery of Metcalfe's Topcorn for Becky! 

135 EEE! My wedding ring has arrived! 
136 Pub lunch in the beer garden.

137 A lovely picnic in the park. 

138 Nothing better than a new book! 

139 I always read the political publications that come through my door. I hope you all remember to vote on Thursday! 

By the way, if you enjoy reading my blog and would like to see me up for a Cosmopolitan Blog Award, you can nominate me for Best Lifestyle Blog here. I'll send virtual cake to everyone who nominates! 


  1. Metcalfe popcorn is so good. Enjoy!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. I can't resist anything colour coded. Topshop gets me every time. There's a shoe shop here that colour codes their shoes and I'm always in there staring at the colour. (I'm a bigger loser than I thought haha)

  3. I know something that needs a trim and it definitely isn't your garden.

    I'm sorry. I'm bored, waiting for a train! X


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