Danielle and Kate met up at Disneyland. Can you even imagine a more perfect pair of people to hang out together? 
Hayley's unicorn style is so up my street.
Speaking of unicorn style, I love Jo's pink unicorn bag
Can we take a moment to appreciate Katia's My Little Pony tattoos?
Becca's photos of her day at Weymouth have made me so excited for summer! 
I love the bright colours in Jess' post. 
Lisa's photos have made me desperate to visit the Neon Museum
These before and after drag act portraits are stunning! 

Weekly wishlist

I am desperate for this candy Swatch watch!
I love these pastel chevron earrings
This envelope necklace makes me think of a Hogwarts letter! 
I'm in love with this lilac Dorothy Perkins midi skirt 
This pineapple skirt is so pretty! 

Other favourites
This list of 24 things people who cry all the time know too well actually made me cry. The old couple in Titanic. Monica and Chandler. THOMAS J! The tears!

Spritz is an amazing way to speedread and I love it! I'm very smug that I managed to read 700 words per minute without straining at all. Try it out! 

Lynsay's tips for blogging on the go are well worth a read. 

It's a bit late now as polling day was yesterday, but this Buzzfeed Which party should you vote for? quiz was actually really helpful. My result was the party I was already planning to vote for, so it seems to have worked out well for me! 

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  1. I took that Buzzfeed quiz and it told me I should be voting UKIP... Oh wait, no it didn't. Because I'm not a massive cunt! (Might be a little cunt, not a massive one though.)

    Also, that My Little Pony tattoo is amazing! Xx


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