Saadiya sent me this amazing video: A letter to me on my first day of teaching. I think I'll write my own letter. 
Ellie's cat outfit is adorable! 
Lisette's retro glasses are gorgeous. 
Danielle's pink coat is so pretty! 
Glasgow Necropolis is beautiful! 

Weekly Wishlist
This mouse ring is precious! 
Sticking with the kitsch jewellery theme, here's a sugar skull French bulldog necklace. 
I need a My Little Pony dress!
I can't wear yellow, which is a real shame because I love this polkadot bodycon dress
These Vans have doggies on
Eee! Look how cute these Kewpie doll earrings are! 

Other favourites
Gerard Way has launched his solo career and I'm all kinds of excited! 
Great tips for hiring a blog designer. Although I think the price estimates are way off here- I certainly didn't pay upwards of £1000 for mine!!
Girl Talk is making positive changes to inspire young girls.  

Em is fast becoming my favourite person on the internet. Her post on abortion rights is perfect!


  1. I love the blogs you posted here! The cat outfit is perfect!

    XO Imke

  2. Love this post!
    The mouse ring and outfit with the grey jumper really caught my eye!

  3. Love the mouse ring and My Little Pony dress and OH MY GOD, GERARD WAY SOLO CAREER?! Thank you for providing me with this information and cheering me up greatly with it.

  4. I've had my eye on that polka dot dress too! But I'm the same with yellow


  5. I used to read Girl Talk when I was younger so their new focus makes me unbelievably happy to read about. Magazines are so influential and mostly toxic so this is such a welcomed and refreshing change and I really hope more publications follow their lead xxx

    1. It's amazing! I really hope others do the same.

  6. Why can't you wear yellow? Gurl, you can wear anything you want. That video has some good advice. I start my teaching prac in July and I am FREAKING. OUT.

    Kirsten |

    1. I can't wear that dress because it would be so obvious that my teeth are the same colour hahaha!

      You'll be amazing, I'm sure! If you have any questions or if you just want a chat about teaching/ your training, just get in touch :)


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