What's on Rich's bedside table

Last month, I showed you what is on my bedside table. I thought it would be an interesting contrast to take a look at Rich's table too. It was a lot neater than mine but, erm, it turns out that most of the stuff on there was mine too. Sorry Rich!
 Clockwise from top left: 
His glasses bed (which I thought was equal parts adorable and hilarious when I first visited his house and saw it!)
Hair bobble (we have a lot of these!)
Dog from O2 Be More Dog campaign.
Burt's Bees foot cream.
Glasses case with his old glasses
Lotil cream. I need to use a lot of this for my poor feet.
Savlon healing gel and healing plasters.
PC Gamer magazine.
Get Out of Geek Night vouchers. Every Thursday is Rich's "Geek Night" (basically an online social with his geek friends). For my birthday, he gave me 5 vouchers to convert Geek Night to Becky Night. 
Lush Snow Fairy Sparkle (That's mine).
Popbands (They're mine too).
Pastel nail varnishes (Also mine).
Terry Pratchett novel.
War and Peace- A bit of light reading. 
I've moved all of my stuff now, so Rich has his bedside table back again. Poor Rich, he puts up with a lot! 

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  1. I love the Get Out Of Geek Night vouchers. What a cute idea. I'll have to start dropping hints...
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  2. Kris doesn't even have a bedside table so Rich should consider himself lucky ;)

  3. Have you used any of those get out of geek night tokens yet? Isn't every night geek night?xz


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