Becky Reads Company: June 2014

The Good

JELLY SHOES! (p. 34) Give me all the jelly shoes! I am obsessed with the things. 

The Art Car Boot Fair. Yes! (p. 40). I love seeing art getting the recognition it deserves. I also forget to go every year, so hopefully this will remind me! 

Company, I'm so proud of you! "Totally emotional" (p.43). I'm amazed it's not "totes emosh" and I'm so, so happy about it! 

Oh my God, Phiney Pet's flat is perfect! I want everything. Except the kitschy bird salt and pepper shakers because, erm, I might already have them! (p. 48) She also likes Victorian cemeteries, so she's clearly my sort of person! 

I can't even express how great this article about lesbian and bisexual celebrities is. It's moving, very important to address and doesn't exclude bisexualism. (p. 50)

An article about "personal grooming". This is the sort of thing I want to read in contemporary women's magazines. Especially when the conclusion is "Let's not judge each other... [because] it is a simple matter of choice". (p.75) More of this please, Company! Although I will point out that just because there is a rise of waxing appointments in the first week of hot weather, and because people who get waxed don't want to go au natural (Duh! They're getting a wax!), it doesn't mean there is a rise in waxing overall. A really funny article, though. It made me laugh out loud and it's great to see a discussion about these issues. 

I loved this article about charitable crafting- Using crafts to raise money for a good cause (p. 80). There are a lot of really helpful tips, great resources to check out and they even promote a Twitter chat that I didn't know about! (#HandmadeHour Wednesday at 7:30pm, if you were wondering). 

Hey look! Sophie AND Hannah had their tweets published. Yay! (p. 93)

I spent far too long filling out the reader survey (p.136). I know I'm always ripping Company to shreds but I do love the magazine. I know it can do much better and it's frustrating for me when I see such ridiculous mistakes, so I really hope they read my comments. I'd recommend all other readers fill in the survey too (right here). 

The Bad

"Download= Best for the true rockers" (p.41). As opposed to what? Fake rockers?

I saw Jameela on Celebrity Juice a couple of weeks ago and she seemed really funny, so it has confirmed that I do like her. But really? An article that says "I feel of late that almost everything revolving around women in media is sex-based" (p. 44). Of late? Seriously? Not since, I don't know, the invention of media advertising?

For me, meritocracy is everything. The best person for the job should get the job, regardless of their race, sexuality or gender. Which is why the whole influx of women in the boardroom/ on BBC panel shows annoys me. It's patronising to women and boils down to, as Jennifer Saunders said on Have I Got News For You, "Hello. I'm The Woman". For this reason, I cannot get behind #GirlBoss (p.52). Can't you just celebrate being #TheBoss? 

A great list of all the best places to eat and shop in LA (p. 59). Because, you know, the average Company reader is always popping to LA for a burger. 

I'm not sure how I felt about this: "I'd recently bought some size 12 high-waisted jeans... There are good curves and bad curves. Looking like you could genuinely be six months preggo is definitely the latter" (p. 141). I'm sure what Gem meant was that she was bloated and therefore her stomach was more inflated than she'd like. How it came across was that anyone above a size 12 looks pregnant and therefore has "bad curves". 

The Ugly

"Read Gemma's int with them" (p. 9). Genuinely took me about 10 seconds to realise that was "interview". Come on. This is a magazine, not A Clockwork Bloody Orange. How long does it take to type "erview"? I'll tell you- 1.35 seconds. Are they that pushed for time?

There are these amazing things called apostrophes (p.20). They indicate omission. You know, like the I that is missing from "it is". That's not all, though. There is so much wrong with this page. "Glads", which I suppose are "gladiator sandals". I can only assume there was some sort of multiple keyboard failure at Company HQ this month. "I can get away with calling [this £205 new-season, mass-produced dress] vintage, too". Is it over 20 years old? No? Then you can't get away with calling it vintage. It's not vintage and you'll just look like an idiot. 

Yes, that says "ths" (p.43)

"It's where you'll see all the slebs" (p.72). Losing the will to live. Translation: "celebs". Seriously, IT needs to sort out that keyboard issue...

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  1. "This is a magazine, not A Clockwork Bloody Orange"
    I laughed out loud.
    Cass x

  2. Yeyy I'm in it! I agree all the abbreviations are crazy annoying. Is it just me or is everyone talking about their downstairs mixup at the moment? Either they're pro-shaving or they're anti-shaving but everyone's going on about it! xxx

    1. Yeah you are!! I think it's Cameron Diaz who started this thing about foofs. Suddenly they're everywhere!

  3. I think overall Company are getting their act together. Far more positives than normal!


  4. I keep trying to find this issue and it's proving impossible around these parts! Looks like there's a few good sections worth tracking it down for...but I am *so* done with those awful abbreviations! x

  5. Haha, I always love this posts! They do seem to be maturing slowly, although still more work needed!

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor

  6. I can't get around this whole #girlboss crap either. I would rather just be a boss, you don't need to mention I'm a girl. Definitely don't call me a girl if I'm a 40-something woman chairing the board meeting...

    1. I didn't even think about the appropriateness of the term "girl" for a woman in her 40s!

  7. I love these posts, too brilliant. I don't even read it, you do it for me!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  8. Love your Company commentaries! Never fail to make me laugh and I love that you're just as much of a grammar queen as me! xxx
    La Lingua : Food, Life, Love, Travel, Friends, Italy

  9. An article about queer ladies that doesn't ignore bisexuality?! I might pop out and buy the issue just for that!

  10. I always enjoy reading this series. I might start the same series using a local magazine, but ONLY if that's okay with you? Please let me know :)

    1. Of course that's ok with me! I'd love you to do it!

  11. I look forward to these posts, I was actually reading Company and thinking "I wonder what Becky will think of this" haha! :)


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