365 140- 146

140 All the hallmarks of a great lesson!

141 Voting! My party did pretty well in my ward, coming third. It wasn't UKIP, suffice to say!

142 Dr Bones says hello.

143 Afternoon tea at Bill's. 

144 Bath Fashion Museum is a great place!

145 Bristol Cathedral. There's so much beautiful architecture in this part of the country!

146 A well-deserved rest after my insanely busy weekend!

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  1. I think I am definitely going to do this next year and not wimp out like I did this year!

  2. Great photos :) I voted for the first time this year as I turned 18 last June! Was great to feel like a had a voice :)

    amber love

    1. Woohoo! How exciting! I remember in 2005 there was a general election the year before I turned 18 and I was so annoyed that I couldn't vote haha!

  3. I thought you were a UKIP member... You're a massive racist aren't you? :P x

    1. Sssh, don't blow my cover! All this pro-immigration stuff is just a front! ;)


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