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Beautiful Curiosities
I love the name of Helen's blog, Beautiful Curiosities, and her design is really cute too. Beautiful Curiosities features a lot of beauty, such as product reviews and nail of the day posts, as well as lifestyle posts and some really helpful advice too. Check out the Great Gatsby Ball and Helen's tips for effective studying. She's also taking part in 100 Happy Days, and everyone needs a little extra happiness in their lives! Oh, and she's a Black Milk fan which makes her automatically awesome! 

Little Blonde Life
This month, I'm just sponsored by the prettiest blogs! Sammie's blog, Little Blonde Life, has that pastel fairground thing going on that, you may have noticed, I'm quite the fan of! Her blog has a lot of restaurant reviews, with aaamazing food pics, but she also throws in outfit posts, beauty, and weekend adventures. My favourite type of blog is a blog that mixes it up! I seriously recommend you take a look! 

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  1. Oh! I saw the preview and thought "those look like my legs!" Turns out they are! Thank you so much for the shout out! It's been great sponsoring you because your blog is one of my favourites to read :) I'm not super happy with my blog at the moment because uni is taking over my life, but I'm glad you found some things you liked :) x


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