Book review: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running- Haruki Murakami
I've wanted to read this book for a very long time. Haruki Murakami has only released two non-fiction books and this particular one is a memoir. I was desperate to find out more about him so I couldn't wait to dive into this book.

What's interesting about this book is that it is, unsurprisingly given the title, centred around running. Murakami explains that he is a keen marathon runner and, as he prepares for various marathons and triathlons over the period of 2005/2006, he shares his thoughts and feelings on his progress. As I am, quite clearly, not a runner, I did worry that I would find this central theme a little alienating but, in fact, running almost becomes a metaphor. You could replace the concept of running with any other passion in your own life and still find it relevant.
For a while now, I have been trying to pinpoint why I enjoy Murakami's novels so much. After reading a couple of pages, I understood. He just gets me. We speak the same language (well, I don't speak Japanese, but you know what I mean!). He has a dry sense of humour and a very realistic sense of his own flaws. 

The chapters in this memoir were written in a linear fashion on an as-and-when basis, so they do sometimes read a little disjointed. I also found that some chapters were a lot more effective than others, which seemed to be based on Murakami's mood and motivation when he was writing.
Overall, I found it interesting to develop some understanding towards the author of some of my favourite books. I'm not sure I'd recommend it unless you were a huge fan yourself but, since I am a fan, I'd love to read a full autobiography someday! 

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