Historic Guildford

It was an absolutely beautiful day today, so Rich and I decided to head over to Guildford. We had grand plans to go and visit the castle, but first we headed for some food at Yo Sushi. 
This awesome cutout was outside Yo Sushi. Can you believe that I was the only person to play with it?
In Urban Outfitters, I found a My Little Pony lunchbox and mug to match my jacket. It was a very exciting moment, as you can see. I can't wait to take them to work! 
Have you seen my mate Wally? I'm sure he's around here somewhere!
My engagement ring is at the jeweller's so my wedding ring can be shaped around it, and my hand has felt lost without it. To feel a bit more comfortable, I bought this really pretty ring in Accessorize. It's a little big for my ring finger but wearing it on my middle finger gives a similar sensation. 
After shopping, we headed to Angel Gate so we could get some pudding in Bill's. I was really excited about it after how much I enjoyed Bill's in Lewes, but the Guildford one had none of the atmosphere I was expecting. 
They did, however, have delicious scones hot from the oven! Yum yum!
I had more of the pink lemonade. We asked for a bottle to take home but, unfortunately, they'd all run out. Boo!
We then headed towards the castle, passing Abbot's Hospital on the way. It's a Jacobean building that was originally built to house poor single men, but is now used to provide accommodation for elderly people with financial struggles.
Then we passed the Holy Trinity Church and found a graveyard! Yay! The church was built in 1763, and is the largest Georgian church in Surrey. 
Look at this stunning headstone! It's really interesting because every other headstone is a simple, modest one like those you can here. Then, right at the edge of the cemetery, is this beautiful copper angel. 
We reached the beautiful castle gardens, looked up towards Guildford castle and... oh.
The masonry is being repaired. It's a real shame as the castle is a beautiful Norman building. Although it was still open to the public, it had closed an hour before we arrived. I was pretty miffed about it, but I guess it gives us an excuse to go back and visit again!
From the motte, you get an amazing view of Guildford, all the way to the cathedral.
We then went to the Alice Garden, and discovered this sculpture of Alice and the looking glass. The wall you can see behind the statue is the garden wall of Lewis Carroll's house and the place of his death. 
On the way back, we found another graveyard! This one is beautifully overgrown because the church, St Mary's, are turning it into a wildflower garden. 
The cobbled path is beautiful!
I'd never seen these coffin-shaped headstones before, but there were loads of them in both this graveyard and the other.
They also both had these headstone path borders. Very unusual!
I can't believe this headstone is over 200 years old and still so pristine! 
Here's St Mary's itself. It's the oldest church in Guildford, believed to have been built in 950. 
We came out next to the statue of the Surrey Scholar, which was erected to mark the Queen's Golden Jubilee. 

Then it was off home after a long, busy but very enjoyable day! 

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  1. Oooh, I love this post! Guildford looks absolutely lovely, and that graveyard is beautiful. I really like the Alice through the looking glass one. xx

    1. It's lovely, isn't it? It was sculpted by a student at the university.

  2. Love the My Little Pony goodies :)

    1. I'm obsessed with My Little Pony right now haha!

  3. Guildford looks amazing! Really beautiful photos. You should try to visit The Howff in Dundee. It's our oldest burial ground, granted to us by Mary Queen of Scots in the 1500s. It's so, so beautiful; soaked in history and ancient stories. You'd love it! xx

  4. What a great trip! I love the wildflower graveyard, rather pretty :) x

  5. MLP is awesome and cute!!!! yey. I will love to visit the places you went.


    1. Maybe one day you'll be able to visit England :)

  6. This place looks lovely, it's nice to just go out in the sun and do a spot of photo taking :) I love your day out photos!


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