Kaelah looks so gorgeous in her fruit salad dress
The print on Kasia's wasp dress is so lovely! 
Wow! Chateau de Singes is breathtaking. It's like a Tim Burton set! 
Kate's pretty pastel bedroom is my dream! Reckon Rich would be ok with ours like this? 
Marianne's post about her first day in London is so sweet. It's so easy to take our lovely city for granted. 
I love Lisa's DIY vintage fabric skirt

Weekly Wishlist
A Brand New inspired notebook? Yes! 
I'm definitely getting this skeleton swimsuit for Florida! 
Oh my goodness! Isn't this just the most beautiful pearl and gold wedding set?
These shoes! Rainbow metallic platforms! Come to me! 
Such a pretty (and expensive!) hummingbird necklace.
I'm in love with this United Kingdom watercolour print. I might contact the seller for a custom Hampshire print. 

Other Favourites

Kirstie's list of our awful teenage trends is hilarious and accurate! 

I've only ever owned one bikini, and I was 12. Since then, it's been tankinis and swimsuits all the way to hide my pot belly. But, after reading Jes' proof that anyone can wear a bikini, that's about to change! 

Parents in Idaho tried banning a young adult novel. Their children ended up being given copies for free. Go books!

Tiny Hamsters Eating Tiny Burritos is the cutest thing ever! 

Leona has gone 365 days without using heat on her hair, and I am so proud of her! 

This list of weird things about America that Americans don't realise is hilarious because I noticed every single one of these in Florida. Seriously, what's with the toilets? I tried three cubicles before I realised the toilets weren't actually blocked, and if I can make eye contact with people in the mirror through the gaps beside the door, they're too large! 

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