Meet my bridesmaids!

With less than three months to go until the wedding, things are getting scarily close! My hen do is at the end of this month so I thought it time to introduce you to my three lovely bridesmaids!

Let's start with the obvious one: Yes, Leona is going to be one of my bridesmaids. It might sound odd that somebody I struck up a friendship with via the internet is going to be part of my bridal party, but it makes total sense to us. After "meeting" her over 2 years ago (I just looked this up: Our first contact on Twitter was April 2012), we were firm friends. Our first tweets to each other were about my hatred of Edward Scissorhands, our love for Colin Frissell and moaning about the heat. Clearly a match made in heaven!

I met Marie at school sometime around 1999 or 2000. Although I was aware of her existence, we didn't start talking until year 8 (2000) when my friend and her friend decided to ditch us to sit next to each other in geography. As we were both left alone, we were forced to sit together but it turned out to be the best thing ever because she was absolutely hilarious. Although we were close at school, we didn't often see each other outside school until we left in 2004 and went to sixth form together. In summer of 2005, we were absolutely inseperable. I practically lived at her house and we were the emoest of emo kids, lying on her bed in the dark listening to AFI. 


If you've recently been in education, you might have experienced the torture of "jigsaw groups", when one person from each table moves to another group and discusses their thoughts on the subject matter at hand. It's a process so traumatic that I've never used it in my own lessons. However, in the first week of my second year at uni, I ended up in the same group as a girl who was just as shy and quiet as me. Weeks later, she got talking to my friend and ended up joining our table in seminars. Turns out, she wasn't as shy as she seemed. She was an absolute nutjob who was obsessed with Harry Potter. Instant friend status? I think so! When I'm with Laura, I'm guaranteed to laugh so hard that I'm close to wetting myself. As well as my bridesmaid, she will be our officiant in Florida! 

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  1. I'm so excited to see more about the wedding over the coming months! It's lovely getting to "know" your bridal party too and the old stories behind your friendships. They all sound like amazing friends (and the emo summer of 2005 made me laugh out loud!) xxx
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  2. Aww how lovely! I can tell you're getting super excited about the wedding :D It's great that you have these brilliant friends who will all be part of the ceremony x

  3. Aww your friends sound so lovely! You must be so excited as it's all coming round so fast…

  4. Wow what a bridesmaid combo you've got there!


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