Bath Abbey

When visiting the Roman Baths this weekend, we queued up right next to Bath Abbey. It's an absolutely stunning building and, as I'm partial to visiting the odd church and cathedral or two, I just had to pop in!
 I amazed Rich when we were looking up at the grand entrance. "Oh, look, a statue of Henry VII". "How do you know who it is?" "...I recognised him". Wow, I had no idea how much of a loser I was! Hooray for that Tudor history A level! 

There he is! Obviously Henry VII, right? It's not obvious? Oh, ok. 

The walls and floors are covered in memorial tablets, many of which have beautiful, intricate designs.

This is the tomb of Lady Jane Waller, and has a sad story. She died shortly after giving birth to a daughter and her politician husband, William Waller, erected this tomb with the intention of being buried with her. Unfortunately, when he died 35 years later, he was buried in Westminster, so Lady Jane lies alone. There's some really interesting information about the symbolism of the tomb here, on page 190. 

Her tomb is covered in graffiti, such as this carving by Anne Winford from 1945. It's sad to see such damage, but I was glad that I didn't find any dates later than the 40s. 

It's an absolutely beautiful piece of English Gothic architecture and it's well worth a visit if you're going to the Roman Baths. 
The surrounding areas of Bath are equally as lovely, with all the buildings made from that distinctive yellow Bath stone.
I can't wait to go back and explore the city some more! 

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  1. I love it! It seems so beautiful it makes me want to go there.

    1. It's gorgeous! If you're ever in Bath, I recommend it!

  2. Ooh this is right up my alley! I will have to put it on this list of places I'd like to visit some day xx

  3. Ah my home town. I guess I always forget to look up when I'm out in Bath and realise what a pretty city I live in x

    1. You're so lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

  4. Damn you Anne! Writing your name on everything! Tut tut tut.
    Seriously, I think I might just have to take a visit.

    1. I know! Who does she think she is? Disgraceful!

  5. Bloody Anne Winford! What does she think she is doing! Youths of the 40s. I don't know.

    I loled at the Henry thing. Totally not obvious. You are big nerd. I like it.

    Kirsten |


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