2000 Trees Festival: Saturday Part 1

Yesterday, I posted my recount of Friday at 2000 Trees Festival. As you may have gathered from my gushing, I absolutely loved it and, luckily enough, Saturday was no exception. Not even the hottest day of the year (and what felt like the hottest day ever) could spoil my fun!

I broke out the tutu I promised to wear and it was the perfect festival outfit- So comfortable and lightweight in the heat. I need to tell you about the tree behind me- Years ago, one of the trees on the farm was struck by lightning and this huge branch fell off in 2007, the year that 2000 Trees began. The organisers planted the branch in the middle of the site as a focal point- "I'll meet you by the tree". It was one of my favourite details at the festival, especially at night when it was all lit up with fairy lights. By the way, the fence is there because every year the crew would return to find the sheep had eaten the tree. I found that really funny! 

These amazing ladies were having laughing competitions with campers and competing to laugh for the longest. It was absolutely hilarious. Look how happy they are! 

The heat was unbelievable at 26 degrees. I know a lot of international readers will find this laughable but, for the UK, it's almost unheard of. Around midday, it was too hot to do anything other than lie outside the tent. Still, look how much space we had around it- I told you the campsite was spacious! 

As I was slow roasting, I heard the happy twangs of a ukulele. Heading over to the nearby busk stop, I watched Fair and Square play a set. They are a hugely funny double act (although they're usually a trio, only two were present) playing acoustic covers of chart songs, parodies and, my highlight, their own hilarious material. In fact, they tickled me so much that I ran to get Rich and forced him to watch with me.

Oh, and did someone say audience participation?

Saturday is fancy dress day and this year's theme was TV boxsets. The Spongebob Pirate was running around singing the theme tune in the campsite. There's nothing more joyous than dozens of people shouting SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS! in unison.

These guys took the theme literally and were very deserving winners of the group category. 
Saturday was also the day when I made full use of my fancy wristband privileges and shot a whole bunch of bands from the photo pit. 
This is my "Oh-yes-totally-used-to-photo-pit-I-do-this-all-the-time-honest" face. 

The JB Conspiracy were one of the first acts of the day, bringing their manic ska-punk energy to the main stage. It was amazing to see a skank pit going down, despite such hot weather and being one of the earlier acts.  
Later, I also caught Blitz Kids, who I was really excited to see. If you're an old-school emo kid, like me, I thoroughly recommend them- It's like emo grew up and got over its angst. Now I'm not saying everything's sunshine and rainbows, but there's a maturity to Blitz Kids that wasn't there in 2006: Think Taking Back Sunday on 6 cans of Red Bull. 

Frontman Joe James has a leaping, bounding swagger as he jumps around the stage and spins the mic around unashamedly. His energy was certainly contagious and his sense of humour was hilarious. I love a band with such a strong stage presence. 

There was also a real love and passion for music evident in their set. It makes such a difference when you can see that a band is loving every second just as much as the crowd. 

Seriously, go and check them out. They were without doubt my highlight of the weekend and I'm now buying their latest album. Just the sort of music that's right up my street! This is one of my favourite things about festivals- discovering new bands. Since 2000 Trees is all about upcoming and underground British music, I found a whole bunch of new artists who are likely to become favourites. Much more interesting than seeing the same old headliners over and over again!

My Saturday got off to a great start and it only got better, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out the rest! 


  1. Love these posts, you're making me want to buy tickets for next year already!

    Sophie x

  2. Aw looks like you had so much fun! We are seriously lacking in good festivals up North, there's really not many >.< x

    1. Oh no! I never really thought about that before but I can't think of any northern festivals except Leeds.

  3. Man you make me watch to go this festival so much! It looks amazing!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  4. It looks like it was a blast! Wish there were more festivals in the States. Our thing is more crazy electronic carnivals >.<

    Jess | The Mod Mermaid

  5. Hello,Ciao Becky...colourful post full of nice photos...and your black outfit is very pretty!
    have a great week

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the post!

  6. That guy who is the spongebob pirate is amaze! That's the best costume ever, haha. I might have to check 2000 Trees out next year it seems so relaxed compared with Download/Leeds!
    Kloe xx

    1. It was my favourite costume!

      2000 Trees was seriously wonderful. Compared to Download/ Reading, it's so much more community spirited. It's a lot more affordable too and still had an amazing line up. Oh, and the toilets are the cleanest I've ever seen at a festival!

  7. You're really selling this festival to me! xD Every bit just sounds so fun.


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