What's in my festival bag

This weekend, I'll be heading off to 2000Trees festival, which I am very excited about! Like the well-organised person I am, my bag is all packed and ready to go (thanks, Rich!). This will be my 12th festival, so by now I'm pretty clued up on the dos and don'ts of festival packing.
I'm only staying 2 nights, instead of the usual 4-5, so I'm packing a lot lighter than usual.

A Two lightweight dresses: Easy to roll up without creasing, quick to dry if they get wet and it doesn't matter if they get ruined in the mud.
B Toilet paper. Very important!
C Various toiletries: Shower gel, deodorant, hand sanitiser and the like.
D Trusty old Converse for dry days.

E Very warm, snuggly pyjamas for cold nights.
F Basic make up.

G A pair of sunglasses I got free with a magazine. Who cares if they get lost or broken?
H Wellies for the inevitable downpour.
I My phone and iPod, although the batteries will last all of 6 hours.
J A super cosy onesie to keep warm.
K Slipper socks to keep my tootsies snuggly.

L The all-important, multi-purpose baby wipes.
M More socks than I actually need.

N A hairbrush so I might not look entirely like a tramp.
O Pants, obviously. 
For my make up, I'm just taking moisturiser (with SPF), foundation, cream blusher and eyeliner. Festivals are not the time to get fancy with your beauty regime. I'm also packing Nurofen, antihistamine, plasters and cotton buds. Prepared for all eventualities, me!
Toiletries are so easy to overlook. I'm the person who always forgets their toothbrush and has to buy a new one. Suncream is vital for the one hour of sun, as well as small bottles of shower gel and hand sanitiser to take EVERYWHERE!

Other items
Of course, this isn't everything. As well as the tent, sleeping bags, ground mats and pillows, I'll also be taking:

  • A warm hat
  • Bin bags
  • Tickets (musn't forget those!)
  • Hair bobbles
  • Leggings
  • Lip balm
If you're going to be at 2000Trees, let me know. I'd also love to hear your festival essentials! 


  1. Your 12th festival! That is pretty epic! And I am all here never having been to one. However, I am planning to and this is a brilliant post. Exactly what I need because I am so faffy and undecisive :D Thank you x

    1. You should go to one! Even if it's just for a day. They're amazing experiences.

  2. Baby wipes are a life saver. Kris and I used them whilst travelling to freshen ourselves up here and there when needed ;) Hope you have an awesome time!

  3. Wow a 12th festival! You're on a roll! :) have fun!

  4. Great post! I've never done the whole festival thing before because I hate the thought of using the awful toilets and stinking and my hair being greasy! I know that sounds pathetic haha but it's just true :-) wish I could go to one though cause it'd be so much fun!

    Haaappy Summer!
    To visit my blog - Hailes Hearts Fashion.

    1. I really recommend 2000 Trees. The toilets were so clean!

  5. I miss all the free items you would get along with magazines in the UK. The US unfortunately does not ever offer extra freebies :(


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