365 189- 202

189 Messy bedside table.

190 I bought the Rose Lemonade and now I'm a Real Blogger! 
191 Beautiful fairy lights at 2000 Trees Festival. 
 192 Checking out the festival stalls. 

193 Is there anything better than the first shower after a festival?
194 I caved and bought an iPhone

195 Laters, Gove!

196 The prettiest garden!
197 A beautiful view of London.
198 All the B&Q wallpaper samples!

199 I loved this building at the airshow
200 A spot of reading before bed.

201 One of my girls bought me this pretty orchid. 

202 I love the colours in this necklace


  1. I think this is my favourite post from this series! Lovely fairy lights, awesome festival goods and pretty flowers!

    I wanted to get an IPhone when my last phone gave up the ghost. But I couldn't part with that much money and justify the contract. But they are so pretty!!

  2. The fairy lights look so pretty! Also I have always wanted to try the Rose Lemonade. I have tried their Victorian Lemonade but I wasn't a huge fan of it. :)

  3. The Rose Lemonade is one of my favourite drinks ever!


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