Sponsor Shoutout: The Harpy

This month, I'm lucky enough to be sponsored by Joy of The Harpy. Her (gorgeously designed) blog covers a huge range of topics, from lifestyle and food to fashion and beauty. There are many reasons why you should go and check out her blog, but here are my top three.

Beautiful photography
Joy also has a photography blog on Tumblr, so she has some really gorgeous photos. I particularly love her visual record of Marrakech. She's really captured the vibrancy and life of the city. Just look at this photo of the lights. I really want to go! 

Deep topics
The Harpy is a blog that doesn't shy away from deep topics. Whether it's reflecting on the difficult realities of studying, or the dangers of puppy farms, Joy speaks up about the issues that matter to her. 

Joy is really into culture: A girl after my own heart! You can expect theatre reviews, book posts and recounts of her visits to the ballet, such as this post on Hansel & Gretel with the Scottish Ballet

Bonus reason 4: Puppy pictures!
Look how cute the little puppies are! 

Whether you're into puppies, ballet or shoes, you are bound to find something that tickles you on The Harpy. Don't forget to follow Joy on Twitter too! 

Don't forget, if you'd like to see a post dedicated to your blog or small business, you can find all the details on my sponsorship page

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  1. She seems very cool! I'll take a look at her blog.

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