I'm obsessed with people's office spaces. I'm desperate to make a little office for myself, and Kaylah's quirky office is fantastic inspiration! 
Megan's My Little Pony outfit is the thing of my dreams! 

Weekly Wishlist
These tops are covered in novels. Amazing!
This German travel diary is gorgeous!  
Check out this retro Hogwarts print! Yes, I will be buying this Beauty and the Beast dress.

Other Favourites
I love Kate's advice on packing for Disneyworld
These colour photos of the Addams Family set are fascinating!
Zoe's tips for being more spontaneous are fantastic!

26 things former emo kids will understand. All of this is so, so relevant, except Fall Out Boy. 
This is an old video but I've just discovered it, and it's very powerful: Meet my rapist


  1. Ahhh that dress is a beaut! I'd love to have a (completely uneccessary) office space too, just so I could make it look pretty! x

  2. Lovely selection of posts. I'll have to have a read!

    Emma x

  3. Oh my god I love the Black Milk dresss! It's even better than the stained glass version!

  4. aww Megan's outfit is so amazing, I love her!! Great blog :) xx

  5. Oh that emo kid list! number 9 - I would still totally fancy Sonny Moore if he went back to his adoreable emo kid days. I miss those days. He looked like he showered regularly! Aaah I miss the old days

  6. Great post; the emo list is amazing, haha!


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