Day in the Life of Becky: Spa Edition

As you may have seen yesterday, I spent Monday at the Four Seasons Hampshire for a spa day and it was bliss! It seemed like the perfect opportunity for a relaxed, chilled-out Day in the Life post.

10am Putting on a light bit of make up for my journey.
11am On the train. Choo choo! 

12pm I am obsessed with elderflower right now!

1-3pm No photos here because of my spa treatments.
 4pm Relaxing by the poolside.
5pm More relaxing. It's a hard life! 
 6pm Getting ready to head home. 

7pm #fbloggers time! 

8pm I was a bit naughty! 
 9pm Washing all the chlorine out my hair before bed.

What a lovely day! 


  1. Is this the one in Dogsmerfields? I must've missed your other post because I literally (literal use of the word here) just found out it exists today from someone else - I had no idea there was a Four Seasons round here! It looks really lovely from your other post, hope your had a nice, stress-free day Becky! (: x

  2. Lovely, relaxing, perfect day :)

  3. I'm off on a spa break next month. I can't wait. What treatments did you have?


  4. I love these posts! Looks like a great day and pass me over some of those mini bites!

  5. Looks so relaxing! I've wanted to go to a spa for a while now. Great post!


  6. Thank you so much for your nice comment <3
    What a lovely post, you seem to have a great time :)

    xx Michaela


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