Becca and Stephanie look so cute in their matching gingham
I love Jenny's photos from Country Living Fair
Islay's photos from the City of London running race are amazing! 
Nikki's desk is perfect! 

This chandelier turns your room into a forest and it's beautiful!

Weekly Wishlist
This week, I've devoted my wishlist to showcasing lovely items from each of the wonderful Etsy sellers I met at the Etsy Christmas Cafe yesterday. A post will be up very shortly!
Biscuit Bandit would be my superhero name!  
This baby emperor penguin print is adorable. 
I have an affinity with bears, so this bear embossed stationery is right up my street. 
We Are Arrow sell the most beautiful jewellery, like this dew drop ring.
Pug collar clips. Need I say more? 
A Hansel & Gretel cloth doll kit sounds amazing! 
The neon element to these pillar candles is so unique.
What a gorgeous geometric print DIY needlework kitRum in a teacup, anyone? Brixton is my spiritual home, so a B for Brixton print is perfect. 

Other Favourites
Lily's post on giving up blogging is really motivating. 
This post on eating disorders and Ramadan could be really helpful to some people. 
Inspired by Pride, I've started up an LGBT Bloggers Facebook group for bloggers to network. 
Will you be taking part in the 10% challenge
I'm going to find all of these book benches as part of the Books About Town project. 


  1. That harley quinn costume is pure amazing. I will be checking out her blog for sure! I saw that lightshade in a magazine and am just in love with it xx

  2. Hi there! It's Hayley :) We met over on the blogger chat this evening!

    Love your blog, it's so fun and colourful! I'm now following. Also, I love Etsy so it's always great to find out about new sellers. I love that fox plate. Cuuttee.

    Anyway, it was great to meet you this evening :)

    Haaappy Summer!
    To visit my blog - Hailes Hearts Fashion.

    1. Hi Hayley! It was lovely chatting to you!

  3. I love posts like this. I'm now going to check out all the links and avoid sleeping, yay!

    1. They'll still be there in the morning, Get some sleep! ;)

  4. I love these roundup posts! Thanks for sharing so many great Etsy shops! I really love that light that makes the room look like a creepy forest too. Awesome!

    Jamie |

  5. NO WAY i literally want everything on that wishlist gahhhhh xx


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