2000 Trees Festival: Saturday part 2

Time for the final installment of my 2000 Trees Festival posts. To be honest, I'm sad to reach the end. It felt like I was keeping a little bit of the weekend alive by writing these, but, hey! There's always next year! 

Canterbury are a band I've noticed more and more lately- They are definitely a band on the rise, so it wasn't a surprise to see them in the line up, and I was curious to see what they were like live. 

As you can probably see, frontman Mike Sparks put his all into the performance. With melodic verses and belting singalong choruses, Canterbury were a real hit with the crowd... and me. I've been listening to Saviour a lot since my return: It's a real catchy earworm, in the best possible way! 

Mike was really the star of the show, and drew all eyes towards him as he chanted and screamed into the mic. The difficulty with guitar-playing frontmen is always the tendency to stand rooted to the spot in front of a mic, which can become stagnant, but somehow Canterbury captured enough energy for this not to become an issue. 

If I told you how many dough balls from Dough Ball Deli I ate over the weekend, you would all disown me. Seriously though, their dough balls with garlic butter are the best thing I have ever eaten in my life. If I won the lottery, I would hire them to set up camp in my garden and provide me with an endless stream of garlicy, buttery dough balls. 

After all the excitement of Canterbury and dough balls, I headed back to the campsite to chill out for half an hour (Remember the main stage was just 6 minutes away from my tent at the back of the campsite, so it was ridiculously easy to pop back and forth). On the way, we passed Quiet Quiet Band performing at the busk stop. They had a violin and a mouth organ so clearly they were amazing! 
 I was temporarily renamed Becky Bedworm.
On my return to the main stage, I saw Tall Ships' set. With their experimental-indie-rock sound (It was hard to pin down, ok?), Tall Ships were a very popular fixture. For me, however, their set lacked the fluidity and cohesiveness that I would expect. Nevertheless, the crowd were certainly feeling it! 

Tall Ships were an example of how a guitar-playing vocalist can become stagnant, and Rich Phethean seemed to find it difficult to step away from his comfort zone. When he did, I saw sparks of greatness and I just wish he could have let himself go a little. 

Ultimately, what was missing for me was a sense of strong stage presence and energy. It was a shame but I guess I just prefer the bounding, leaping energy of more frantic acts. Different strokes for different folks and all that! 
After leaving my camera in the tent before attending the silent disco on Friday night, I was determined not to make the same mistake again. The site looked beautiful with lights shining out over the crowd and thousands of little pin pricks of lights from the headphones bobbing up and down. 
There were four DJs, two at each the main stage and The Cave. My favourite was The Cave, where they were playing classic rock anthems such as Limp Bizkit's Break Stuff and Sum 41's Fat Lip. What's not to love?

After a couple of hours bouncing around in a field filled with thousands of people simultaneously screaming tunelessly to rock songs, we headed back to bed and left the next morning in a taxi driven by the absolutely wonderful Ann (Hi, Ann!). I was very sad to leave behind a wonderful weekend, but I am so glad to have had such a great time. A huge thanks to all at 2000 Trees, from the organisers to the PRs, traders to security. Everyone was truly fantastic and made a really memorable weekend. I'll be recommending 2000 Trees to everybody I meet! 


  1. Also sad you have no more posts on the festival! Looks amazing (i've said it so many times now haha). I would deffo have a garlic dough ball van in my garden oh my daaayyys. Dying for some dough balls now hmm...
    amber love

    1. Oh man, now I really want dough balls again! I miss them!

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. I love the sleepingbag photo and ahh silent discos, LOVE THEM.

    Sophie x

    1. This was my first silent disco and I LOVED it!

  3. Love Canterbury! Great photos!

    Emma x

  4. Aww lovely post! 200 Trees festival looks amazing!xxxxx

  5. I'm so checking it out next year! I love festival food, I wish I'd photographed everything I ate at Download I ate so much because the foods just unreeal! Looks like you had such a good weekend!
    Kloe xx

    1. I love festival food too haha! It's so overpriced but so good!

  6. Ahh, I want to go back to the festival!!

  7. Loved reading your Trees posts! I was there too, I think I spotted you at Kids In Glass Houses but wasn't sure it was you so didn't want to make an idiot of myself by coming over! Glad you had fun though, I've written a full review myself which you can check out on the link below if you fancy x



    1. I can't believe I actually managed to sneak into one of your photos! Wish you had come over to say hi!


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