Farnborough Airshow

I've lived in close proximity of Farnborough Airport for my entire life, so the biennial airshow has been a constant fixture over my past 26 years. Whether crying aged 6 because the noise scared me or working in the airport cafe aged 16 and hating every moment of it, every other summer has been punctuated by the roars of soaring jets overhead. However, not once have I actually visited the airshow itself and this year was the year I changed that!

Before the 5 hour flying display (!) began, we had a mooch around the Space Zone. There, we got talking to a man who told us all about how infrared cameras are helping us discover more about different galaxies. It was fascinating!

After looking around, we found a spot outside to watch the beginning of the flying display. Unfortunately, it was a pretty cloudy day but we could still see the planes perfectly well. 

Despite the cloud, it was really hot and muggy, so we didn't stay around too long. After watching the last remaining flying Vulcan bomber on what is likely to be her last flight at Farnborough, we had a look around the stalls before heading home. 
 I definitely think I'll go again one year, but it will have to be a cool day and I'll be sure to take some chairs with me. People come prepared! 


  1. We used to travel to Fairford Air Show each year and I have really fond memories of it. The last time we went, we were lucky enough to see the Stealth Bomber. I completely agree that it's something more suited to a cooler day though. Lisa x

  2. This looks so cool! I've never been to anything like that. The Space Zone place sounds really interesting too. Looks like you had a great time!

    Jamie |

  3. I've been meaning to attend this air show for years as it's quite local but I always manage to miss it. Great photos, and good tip to bring a chair - I may only be 23 years old but I am seriously considering buying a camping chair for these sort of events to avoid sitting on the floor and getting a soggy bum!

  4. You have never been? Whaaaa.....? This is weird we as a family used to do every time up until I was about 10 xox

  5. I've never seen an air show and I really want to! Those planes look awesome. I'd really love to see the red arrows.

  6. It's fab isn't it? We used to go to Yeovilton every year, my dad was in the MoD and loved anything to do with planes. He used to always get a trade pass into Farnborough and I did once as well when I was doing admin at his offices. He still goes now on a trade pass (even though he's retired) and this year, he managed to blag one for the other half (who's an engineer). So glad you had fun there! :-) xx

  7. I I didn't realise you were from Farnborough - I'm just down the road in Yateley! Always nice to find local bloggers - if you ever want a little blogger meet-up or a collaboration feel free to drop me a line :)

    Jenny xx


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