Carrie's boyfriend proposed in Central Park and there's a really cute story behind the gif. 
Zoe's office is perfection! 
Speaking of pretty interiors, Kaelah's bedroom is gorgeous.
Nikki's wedding photoshoot was absolutely beautiful! 
Zoe's photos from Asia are amazing. I want to go right now! 
No biggie but Lucie and I were in Lily Pebbles' vlog this week. Ooh yeah! 
Speaking of Lucie, she's posted photos of us with Lily and Anna from the NARS event

Other Favourites
A drag queen confronted homophobic protesters at Seattle Pride and it's incredible. 
When Rylan met Hilary Clinton. I love Rylan so much!
Zoe's post on music snobbery is everything.

Look what the crying, trophy-clutching Brazilian fan did after the match. He broke my heart when he appeared on my TV screen but this has made me so much happier! 


  1. Thanks so much for the mention my love - I had a shock seeing my bum on your blog, haha! ;) xxx


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